What Can You Expect from a Fitted Bedroom Design?

Fitted bedrooms have been steadily gaining popularity in the UK for years now, and there are some good reasons for that as well. The idea of maximising the available storage space in a bedroom, while improving its décor to match the homeowner’s taste is an exciting and functional proposition.

Nevertheless, it’s always better to have an idea about what to expect from a remodelling project before you actually get invested. Those that are looking through options for fitted bedrooms right now, here’s what you can and should expect from the project.

More Storage Space

The first is also the most obvious one, of course, being the primary reason why fitted bedrooms have gained so much popularity recently. Fitted bedroom designs should first and foremost provide you with more storage space, especially via customized wardrobe solutions.

Functionality and Design: Giving Shape to Your Vision

The fitted bedroom isn’t just about space, but the idea is to match functionality with décor. This one is a bit tricky and not every fitted room designer manages to get it just the way you want, unfortunately. That, however, cannot be a reason for the customer to expect anything less than a perfect match between décor, functionality and their own preferences.

The Home Design Group specializes in giving shape to the homeowner’s vision, in the most practical and functional way possible. Their designers have years of experience with fitting both classic and contemporary style homes in Belfast, so they can handle bedrooms of all sizes and styles in the capital.

The Customizations Will Inevitably Add a Premium Touch to the Bedroom

Everyone doesn’t have the same budget, so some may prefer functionality over style, which is an understandable and practical approach. However, the best part about fitted furniture is that even if the customisations are meant to be strictly functional, they will still manage to add a premium touch to the room.

Any bedroom which has fitted wardrobes, dressing tables and other customised furniture will automatically look more premium than a non-fitted bedroom. Fitted bedrooms do not just have matching furniture; they have customised items, which are made specifically to fit specific parts of that exact bedroom.

Your Home’s Resale Value Will Increase Post Remodelling

Whether you have plans to sell your house in the near future or not, fitted furniture will automatically increase the property’s value. Anybody looking to buy a house will appreciate the extra storage space and the premium touch, making a sale more likely.

Those that actively want to increase the resale value of their current home, can confirm the same with any estate agent operating in the area. If you are looking to upgrade the bedroom in a potential property for sale, it’s a smart investment. Keep the furniture and fitted wardrobe solutions to a minimum though, so that potential buyers feel like they have room to add their own touches to the bedroom.