Weighted Blankets For Adults And Why It Is A Good Idea

Nowadays, adults need to encounter a lot of stress, tiredness, anger and anxiety. We keep buying more and more medicines and visiting a lot of doctors, making a lot of appointments to make sure we are healthy and could lead a healthy lifestyle (which not always is true) and we love being surrounded by things that should help us but in reality they do nothing or even some harm. In such a turbulent time, having a lot of external factors impacting our well-being, each way of getting some relief is warm-welcomed. One of them could be using a weighted blanket – but to get into this matter, you need to find out what a weighted blanket is and what properties it has. This is crucial to understand the power of this product and get to know how to purchase a perfect solution for yourself or your family.

What is a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket is a kind of blanket that is much heavier than some normal ones. This heavy blanket is often used for providing people some relax but also help in disorders such as anxiety (even menopause anxiety, cancer anxiety or dental anxiety), stress, loss of sleep and anger. The weight of weighted blankets vary from 4 to even 14 kilograms, and the final weight is decided by keeping an eye on two points: the weight of user and the size of the chosen blanket. This may have a crucial impact on how a particular weighted blanket will help you, so get the selection wisely and buy a weighted blanket that not only fulfills your needs, but will make you feel comfortable with. As we mentioned, a weighted blanket is heavier, but it is not too heavy. It helps gaining some effects of “grounding” the body by pushing down to give a bit of calming feeling. It is well needed after some exhausting days, illness or physical activity. Weighted blankets can also stimulate DPT (deep pressure touch) therapy, essential for reducing stress or anger by using firm pressure from hands. Adults will definitely benefit from using weighted blankets – and to find out more, keep reading our article. A weighted blanket is often called also an anxiety blanket, so we will be using both of those names in our post.
How to choose a perfect weighted blanket? 

You need to be aware that two crucial points in choosing a weighted blanket are:

  • the weight of the body of the final user – the weight of a weighted blanket should be the equivalent to 10% of body weight. However, it the user desires to have some heavier weighted blankets as they may feel more comfortable for them, he may do that and order a heavier version
  • the size of the blanket – depending it should reflect the size of single or double duvet and if so, how big should it be to cover, for instance, a bed, the weight of a weighted blanket is decided

You can also customize your weighted blankets to some point by choosing the design or pattern, but you should be always selecting your blanket by two important factors we mentioned. There may be some smaller, external issues, but not as vital as those we mentioned.

A weighted blanket can visibly help in fighting some psychological issues such like stress, anxiety and insomnia, but not only. Thanks to its properties, weighted blankets can work wonders also with:

  • any sensory disorders of any kind (weighted therapy can help increase Serotonin and Melatonin levels overnight)
  • keeping hormones on track – especially serotonin (responsible for our well-being and happiness), melatonin (sleep-related hormone) and cortisol
  • by stimulating the way of being cuddled or hugged that may help with loneliness
  • falling asleep doesn’t usually mean staying asleep, but weighted blankets make it easier
  • ADHD spectrum disorders, even for adults to make them calm down
  • Autism and Asperger’s disorders – weighted blankets are used here to calm down too, but also to comfort the users
  • menopause and peri-menopause syptoms and anxious feelings connected to such symptoms – by calming down the person feel more relaxed
  • tension and constant stress – even a few mins with an anxiety blanket but on may help the user
  • weighted blankets also can help calm some symptoms connected with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease
  • weighted blankets help in gaining a complete relaxation for stressed, overworked and tires adults

There are numerous benefits of using weighted blankets for adults and you may find them by clicking the link below: https://senso-rex.com/gb/14-weighted-blankets

Anxiety blankets can be also used out of sleep. It is enough to put it across your lap, legs or shoulders to feel less pain and more relax. Adults need a lot of relief and comfort today, and a weighted blanket is a heavy way to feel lighter and support some therapies. Purchasing a perfect weighted blanket takes a lot of time and effort but it’s worth it as it gives almost instant relief and helps with psychological disorders. This kind of purchase will be also sufficient for years and years, so you don’t need to worry that your anxiety blanket will get overused.