Unique Features of Tungsten Wedding Bands

In case you are wondering, tungsten is the new gold! Tungsten wedding bands have gained prominence in the past few years as a result of its unique features and all the sophisticated wedding band designs crafted out of tungsten.

Tungsten has very unique features that make it one of the best metals for designing men’s wedding bands. Pure tungsten is difficult to craft with, so tungsten carbide is the metal used in all the tungsten jewelry. Here are some of the qualities of a tungsten wedding band:

  1. Highly durable

Tungsten is a very strong metal and its name was coined from two Swedish words; tung and sten, which mean a heavy stone. True to this translation, tungsten is a very strong and a heavy metal. This strength contributes to the durability of any item designed out of the metal. Though this makes tungsten carbide brittle, there are very few cases of broken wedding bands reported.

This durability also makes tungsten carbide wedding bands scratch resistant meaning that even after wearing this ring for over a decade, it will still look as good as new.

  1. Ability to withstand heat

As a result of its strength, tungsten carbide can withstand extremely high temperatures and it doesn’t expand at temperatures which normal metals expand.

  1. Resistant to corrosion

While wearing your wedding band, you may find yourself touching some acidic compounds, even though this could be a concern when wearing gold or any other metal, it isn’t when wearing a tungsten carbide wedding band. Tungsten carbide’s resistance prevents your finger from turning green because it doesn’t react with the acid.

  1. Hypoallergenic

When looking for wedding bands, most people look at the allergy properties of a metal. This is because a big population is allergic to metals and it could be annoying to start scratching your fingers within days or even on the wedding day because you are massively allergic to the wedding band metal.

As a result, and to prevent any of these embarrassing things from happening, tungsten carbide wedding bands come highly recommended as they are totally hypoallergenic. Some of the tungsten carbide wedding bands are available on Tungsten Rings.com.

  1. They can be styled

Even though it is impossible to resize a tungsten carbide wedding band, there are many stylish designs that are applicable to these wedding bands. Most exotic inlays are found on tungsten wedding bands and you can also get unique finishes and textures on these wedding bands. They can also be used alongside another metal like titanium resulting in unique wedding bans variations.

  1. Color variety

Besides the normal grey tungsten wedding bands, you can also get second generation tungsten carbide wedding bands that are black. Since there has been a higher demand for darker and more masculine wedding bands, the black tungsten carbide wedding bands have been flying off shelves. You should however, ensure that the black band has a scratch resistant inlay.

In conclusion, tungsten carbide wedding bands are taking the market by storm. As an alternative wedding band material preferred by many men, it is relatively expensive but the price you pay for the band is totally reasonable. Other alternative metals include palladium, titanium, cobalt, meteorite, ceramic, or the stainless steel Damascus.