Naturally Unique: 4 Out-of-the-Pot Creative Gardening Ideas

These Creative Gardening Ideas will have your neighbours wondering how you did it...

Gardening means many different things to different people.

For some, it holds a special place in their daily routine for its therapeutic benefits. For others, it’s a pragmatic source of delicious fruits and vegetables. However, one of the main reasons people dedicate themselves to the gifts of gardening is its potential for creativity, designing a living work of art with the tools that nature has provided us.

With beauty as our mission statement, we’ve collected a few of our favourite ways to add a dash of uniqueness to your outdoor spaces.

A Shining Example

Immediately stepping out of the confines of nature, outdoor lights can make or break a perfect outdoor visage. As can be seen when discussing most aesthetic arts, the positioning of lights completely alters how we perceive a scene, which can be used to tremendous effect. These helpful additions can also be used practically, with lights lining your walkways, giving you a luminous helper when trying to navigate the night.

However, adding light to your backyard life doesn’t have to stop at the basics.

Lanterns are another fantastic example of lights that can work alongside your pre-existing garden choices, as hanging them from trees and branches can offer you a rustic sense of style that is sure to impress visitors when admiring your gardening work.

Fruit Feng Shui

When we think of veggie patches or suburban farming, our mind conjures up images of cultivated soil squares filled with various colours, shapes and styles. While this is lovely in its own right, many of us forget that there are other ways to go about designing your dream vegetable garden. Adding pots, pedestals and an eye for exterior decor into the mix can have resounding benefits for the aesthetics of your outdoor area.

This is also applicable to trees and other ground-loving additions, as the strategic placement of these plants can be used to create everything from seating to natural arches. Plan your positioning well, and your backdoor will open up to an image of aesthetic and ergonomic style in no time.

The Wonder of Water

Nothing emanates homely luxury quite like a personal pond.

Despite adding a little extra maintenance to your weekly routine, a body of water can make function as an ideal subtle centrepiece for your outdoor area; breaking up the scenery in a natural, tranquil way. With that said, there aren’t any pond rules when it comes to style, and there is an abundance of ways to make this miniature ocean your own.

By leaving some open space, a pond can also double as the perfect refuge for meditation and self-reflection, or simply a nice place to while away the morning with a cup of tea. The choice is yours. You could even decide to add fish to the equation, encompassing both flora and fauna in your very own backyard sanctuary.

Returning to Nature

Whether it’s an old bike, some shoes that have lost their lustre or a chair that you bought on an ill-advised whim, nature is sure to lend a helping hand.

While the idea may initially sound less than lavish, well-worn objects being overrun by nature can have a striking effect when curated strategically, and there are thousands of images online that support this idea. Planting vines and vibrant flowers in and around a man-made object both lends some structure to your environmental contouring, whilst also reminding us of the impermanence of our creations. Whether you find this image bleak or beautiful, it’s certainly a way to insert touches of individual personality into your wild wonderland.

Your garden is what you decide it should be. The intention of this piece was not to give you a step-by-step guide, but to give you a brief glimpse of the possibilities available to you. It’s your space, so the least you can do is make it truly your own. Good luck!