The Ultimate Experience Guide About VR Casino

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a casino?

Most people automatically start to envision a Las Vegas gambling joint that comes with a picturesque hall with beaming lights, cocktail waitresses in the background multiple gaming slots, spinning roulette wheels, blackjack tables and so forth. One might wonder as to why are you being asked to imagine this in the first place. Well, this so-called casino experience of yours is about to completely get a makeover. The face of online gaming is slowly changing and taking a new form with the coming of age Virtual Reality Casinos. This is a technology that has been a talking point for some time and now is being seen as the next frontier for online gambling.

The future of gambling is heading towards a new platform of online virtual reality casinos. This new form of gaming is promoting online developers to look for more innovative ways to harness the power of the virtual reality for new age gamers. The industry is slowly coming to terms with this with many casinos around Europe making headway with VR technology like Casino VR and a recent entrant Slots Million. Online casinos like Slotozilla are also providing a new avenue for online gamblers. As per a survey was done by Juniper research, it has been estimated that virtual reality gambling is all set to grow 800% over the next 5 years, reaching up to €443 million in gross total bets within the next 5 years.

What is a VR casino?

Virtual reality is a simulation of sorts and is a digitally created world that you can enjoy by putting on a VR helmet which will be both light proof and soundproof. In simple words, a VR casino aims to bring the experience of visiting a land-based gaming place by virtually rolling out a red carpet for and providing the entire casino atmosphere that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. You will now be able to enjoy a 3-D environment, converse and interact with the virtual casino all the while playing a game of your choice. How does that sound for an experience?

Unfolding a New Chapter

The concept of making virtual reality games came about 20 years back with many software companies vying for a dominating place in the gaming market. The earliest prototypes launched by Nintendo and VFX1 didn’t really prove a mark which can be attributed to a lack of knowledge and the required tech to envision a virtual reality tech for gamers. The last 5 years has been promising with the release of top-notch VR gears like Valve’s Stream VR, Facebook’s Oculus Rift, etc. launching in the market. The Internet gambling industry has realized the potential of this groundbreaking tech that could very well become the future of gaming and companies are putting this to practical use in the online world.

VR Casino Gaming

VR casino gaming today is bridging the gap between video gaming and gambling with a view of catering the large online community of gamers. These games require you to wear special VR headgears that enhance the gaming experience. This usually requires seven times the normally required processing power of online games. Once the player puts on the headset, there is whole new world waiting for a player where they can interact with the use of a controller that’s at the command of their hands. A short video clip on Youtube showed how to play bingo goes into the online world that has jazzy music playing in the background, a variety of slot machines, luxurious lounge couches where he can practically play any game possible. The world of online gambling comes in two variants, the entertainment casinos and the second being the real money online casinos. Entertainment casinos allow users to play roulettes, slots, card games which don’t come with any sort of monetary awards. Real money casinos provide opportunities for winning cash. VR hardware and software have now undergone tremendous change with new features like pseudo-3D interfaces and a VR iGambling platform where gamers can enjoy a virtual and interactive casino experience. Mentioned below are some of its features:

Extensively detailed gaming rooms where gamers can explore in fully-immersive 3D.

3D gaming tables which allow players to interact with live dealers and also simultaneously communicate with other players.

Players can make use of body and hand gestures and also take into cue the behaviour of other online players.

In gaming chat features and detailed slot machines.

High-end graphics and realm sound with 3D spatial aspects.

The Advent of Slots Million

Slots Million is an online gaming platform that provides the ultimate casino and slot machine experience to its users regardless of the device you are playing on. After its initial launch in the year 2015, the VR Slots Million is helping simulate the presence of a real-time casino and offering VR renderings of top-notch games from different software developers like Microgaming, Zynga, NetEnt, etc.


Virtual reality casinos are a lucrative venture in today’s time with prospects of it growing tremendously in the near future. There currently is a transformation taking place to simulate online video gambling and giving it a new identity with a virtual reality form. It just proves a simple point that VR casinos are here to stay.