5 Common Personal Injury Cases

Personal injuries can happen for one of two reasons. A person may sustain a personal injury due their own fault or because of someone else’s fault. If it is due to someone else’s fault then the matter can be resolved with the help of arbitration, if not then the case is taken to the court.

Personal injury cases are very common in the US. While a lot of them are settled out of court, many even reach the court as there are procedures, compensations and punishments for each.

Personal Injury cases are of many types, and you need to be well aware of them all and your rights in each so that you can get rightfully compensated in case you have been a victim.

Let’s look at 5 common personal injury cases in detail:

1. Car Accidents

Car accidents are pretty common in the US, and when we say car accidents, we mean accidents involving all kind of vehicles.


If you sustain an injury on the road due to the misconduct or mistake of another driver then you can claim for compensation by hiring a lawyer.

Most Pittsburgh personal injury attorneys believe this to be the most common type of personal injury cases filed in the US as the number of accidents is on a constant rise despite there being efforts to make our roads safer and better.

There can be various scenarios here. There may be injuries to the driver, to the vehicle, to other passengers in the vehicle, to people on the road or to other vehicles on the road.

Such personal injury cases can involve several parties and hence are very complicated too. Make sure to hire a qualified attorney to represent your case so that you can get rightfully compensated.

2. Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are more common than you’d like to think. They include all kind of injuries suffered during a normal course of work, even if you are not at your workplace. This means an injury caused when you are outside of your office but doing your work.

Workplace injuries are more common in construction sites, chemical industries and other hazardous places. If you believe that your workplace management is at fault then a claim can be filed against them for you to get compensation.

3. Slip And Fall

Slip and fall cases are also common and lead to personal injury. Slip and fall cases may occur in the middle of the road, workplace or even at your home.

These cases can lead to serious injuries including concussions and broken bones. If you or someone close to you has been a victim, get in touch with a lawyer to fight your case.

4. Medical Negligence

While hospitals and clinics are known to heal people, things can go wrong too. A person can sustain an injury due to the negligence of a medical person such as a doctor or a nurse.

Sometimes, medical representatives fail to provide the right care to a patient that may worsen the situation and even lead to death.

A claim can be filed against a medical institute if you think that they caused you or someone close to you a personal injury due to their negligence. For instance, giving you the wrong medicine, operating you the wrong way etc.

This kind of personal injury case is a complex one which is why you’ll need to hire an experienced lawyer to fight for you

5. Assault

While assault is an upfront crime and the victim will most likely file criminal charges, a lawsuit can also be filed in the court and compensation can be demanded for the injuries sustained.


These five cases are very common and they all allow you to be rightfully compensated. However, you must make a move quick as there is time limitation in most cases and a lawsuit must be filed before the expiry of that time period.