Travelling lifestyles of the rich and famous

The Travelling lifestyles of the rich and famous are a source of envy for many

Photo by CC user Mr.choppers on Wikimedia Commons

Ever wonder how the rich and famous travel? While some are humble and try to blend in with the common people, others are so recognizable that they cannot pull it off. In other cases, some simply have tastes and expectations that go far beyond what typical travelers are satisfied by.

In this article, we invite you to disconnect from your current reality and put yourself in the shoes of a 1%-er as they leave their mansion to experience the best that Western Australia has to offer.

Forget first class

When you are a card-carrying member of the rich and famous, you don’t fly to your destination in first class. That sort of thing is for upper-middle class people ticking boxes off their bucket list, or business executives with generous expense accounts.

Nope … you are chartering a private jet (that is, if you don’t own one already), for your flight to Australia. In addition to all the luxuries available aboard, you also get the chance to do sometime that is unthinkable these days: you can stroll into the cockpit and strike up a conversation with your pilots as you cruise above the fluffy cumulus clouds and the immense expanse of the Southern Pacific Ocean.

Getting around in style

Upon arrival, you are whisked through an expedited customs procedure (because waiting in line is something that peasants do), and after your bags have been gathered, you are led outside to your pre-arranged limo hire in Perth.

Transported from the international airport to your hotel in the backseat of a limo that is stocked full of San Pellegrino, top-shelf booze, and other bespoke treats meant to officially welcome you to yet another new country, you begin to contemplate the adventures that await you as the promise of a blissful sleep begins to tug at your eyelids.

Exclusive penthouses & 24 hour concierges

After killing off your jet lag with a lengthy nine hour rest, you awaken to a hotel room filled with all the pleasures that someone of your stature has come to expect. The finest linens, the softest mattresses, and an amazing rain shower are all at your beck and call within your well-appointed luxury penthouse.

If there’s anything that isn’t already at your fingertips, all you have to do is pick up the phone and contact the concierge downstairs. Trained to respond effectively to the whims of their best customers, they are skilled at getting anything you want in your hands, ASAP.

Want to have the best Thai food in Perth, but don’t care to go half way across town to eat it? They’ll arrange to have a five-course meal brought to you, and they will have it served in a proper dining room setting.

Want to check out Rottnest Island? Your concierge will take care of the private tour, from the highly knowledgeable guide, to the boat that will take you around its beautiful shores.