Top Tips for International Budget Travel

International Travel

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

It’s true. Some people have big dreams and little wallets. Does this mean they can never travel internationally? It absolutely does not. It just means they need to show a little gumption and ingenuity. That can take them a long way.

The first rule of budget travel is to go to a very budget friendly place to begin the vacation planning. It is totally free and available to everyone. This is the local library. Here you will find books on every destination. It’s true. A not so little known secret that if the library does not have books on a specific place, the librarian can order them.

Budget travel often requires some degree of flexibility, so a frugal traveler would be wise to choose a few different destinations they are interested in visiting. Once these options have been selected, getting online and searching for the best deals is the next step. There are many ways to do this.

Consolidation sites are one place to start. Many hotels and transportation carriers also have deals on their websites. Vacation swaps are another way to reduce costs, by staying in someone else’s home. Flexibility in travel dates can also be a money saver.

Getting away often involves making international phone calls to plan the trip. This can get pricey, but there are ways to save. Using a free calling app will take care of this cost.

It’s not only the international calling from home that needs to be done, but once abroad, travelers will also need to have a way to stay in touch. In addition to calling, savvy budget travelers don’t forget about finding free internet near their lodgings or outings.

Once the trip is planned, for the lowest available price, it’s time to begin the travel preparations. Hopefully an international traveler will have all of their papers in order. There’s no good frugal option for this, but early planning will avoid last minute fees.

Another major travel expense is food. Here’s a good way to enjoy all the delicious fare a faraway destination has to offer, while staying on budget. Enjoy a free breakfast at the hotel. Have a light dinner. And take advantage of the lunch specials. It’s the same food the restaurant serves for a more expensive dinner, but at a fraction of the cost. To avoid sneak hunger attacks during the day, the savvy budget traveler always stocks up on snacks at the cheapest market, and carries them around.

For those who are not staying in a hotel, or not staying in a hotel that offers free breakfast, the trick is to find that market right away. Stock up on breakfast supplies, snacks, and drinks. If you don’t have a refrigeration option, you’ll be looking for dry goods.

To save money on attractions, try to find combination passes, or daily discounts. Many places offer free admission one day a week. Plan your trip accordingly.

With a little flexibility and a lot of planning, budget travel can be a breeze.