TitleCard Capital – The Importance of a High Performing Management Team

How much do you know about working in a private equity firm? Or a hedge fund? Or any investment fund for that matter? The likelihood is that just like many of us here, you know very little about this world and so we were lucky enough to sit down and have a chat with the amazing team at TitleCard Capital who were able to offer us some amazing insight into what this world looks like, in particular when it comes to the importance of a highly functioning management team. Let’s take a look at how important the management team is in this world, and what it consists of.

Investment Manager

The key to the success of this team is, and will always be, that of the investment manager. It is this person’s responsibility to not only offer advice on where money should be invested, but also to seek out new investment and further investment from its existing clients. This latter part is particularly important as investors need to be very well managed and a positive relationship between the investor and the fund must always be maintained.


Core values are at at the heart of equity funds like TitleCard Capital and this is another reason why the management team must be so good at what they do. The management team must be the ones who are putting forward and focusing on these values, they are the continuous line which continues to protect the company and ensure that every action and decision taken is in line with what those company values are.

Crunch Time

When the chips are down and money isn’t coming in, or perhaps even some stock options haven’t gone quite as well as they should’ve done, a strong management team is required to pull everyone together. If you do not have a high performing management team in place then at times of crisis you will find that the team separates and that there is no strong managers to lead the team out of that situation. When things aren’t good in the business it is the leadership team to who people look to to get them out of it which is why high performance managers are absolutely necessary.


In an industry such as private investment or equity funds there is very much a need for the investors to have great confidence in the company. This begins with a highly functioning management team because not only are they able to show that they can be trusted with the investors money, but also they have the faith that the team will make the right decisions for the business on the whole. Without confidence there are no investors who will want to part with their money which is of course central to the success of any business such as this.

Do you think that you have what it takes to form a part of a management team such as this?