Types of Job Applicants to Avoid if You Want Your Business to Succeed

The success of your company depends on the quality of applicants you hire to do the job. If you are cautious in determining candidates, you might end up with the best person. However, if you decide to settle for anyone who is available because you are in a hurry to fill a position, it could be a disaster. The first thing to consider is that you don’t only hire based on qualifications. You also need to check the attitude of the applicant. If you find someone with these negative qualities, they are a sign that you need to keep searching.


You want to avoid someone who is selfish and keeps asking about the benefits when hired for the job. You need applicants who will speak about what they can do to help the business grow using their skills. If they seem too selfish and are only looking out for themselves, you can’t expect them to change once hired.


You want someone with a personality to take the position, but you want to avoid someone who seems larger than life. These are people who would want all the attention. They might only look good on the surface, but they lack substance. Unless they can prove that they can be the best person for the job, you need to keep searching.


You will know it if the person looks interested in doing the job. If you feel like there is no effort given to answer every question, you need to search for other candidates. If the applicant doesn’t seem to show interest at this stage, what can you expect if you decide to hire them?

Too chatty

You want someone with good communication skills and able to relay their ideas well. However, you also need someone who can control what they say. Sometimes, interviewees say a lot, but none of the responses seem to fit what you are searching for. You need someone who can answer concisely but with substance. Conversely, you don’t want to hire someone who provides minimal responses. You asked for the interview to know more about the person, but if you get nothing, there is no point in moving forward.


You can quickly know if a person is too arrogant. Stretching their resume is one of the signs. Answering questions in a hyperbolic way is also another sign. If this person shows no humility at all, you will have a hard time as you start collaborating. Even for a leadership position, you can’t afford to hire this type of person.

Ask for help from recruitment firms

You might not want to do the entire process alone. You might want advice from experts in hiring like HR consultants in Edinburgh. They will find the perfect candidate for the job since they have a transparent process for how to get there. Let them know which position you want to fill and what qualities you want in a candidate. They will try everything possible to give you what you deserve.