The Perfect Party Rentals for Your Los Angeles Summer Fiesta

In Los Angeles, where the sun shines year-round, the temperatures remain between a cool 70 and moderate 90 and cultures mesh as seamlessly as Moroccan poufs and macramé, there’s never a bad time to host a fiesta. If you want to put together an event that will impress your guests but not leave you feeling drained and defeated when the big day finally arrives, work with a rental company that will provide everything from the table rentals to the wow factors to the design. Though a designer can help you select the right pieces and work them into one cohesive design, you can begin to work on your vision by considering the elements below.

Tables and Seating 

Whether you’re hosting a dinner event, a casual BBQ or a corporate retreat, your guests need somewhere to sit and socialize. Many people don’t give much thought to their tables and chairs, assuming that accents such as table cloths, arbors and photobooths make enough of a statement. However, the tables and chairs you choose can either add to the ambiance or retract from it, which is why you should select pieces as unique as your event’s purpose.

For a fiesta, consider a Capistrano pew, cancan side tables and vintage soda stools. A large wood dining table can seat a dozen, while round pedestal tables are great for seating up to six guests.


Once you have the tables picked out, it’s time to dress them. Many people opt for paper or plasticware, as it’s easier and more convenient, but when you elect to use party rentals Los Angeles, you can get all the convenience of disposable tableware without sacrificing elegance.

Goblets in teal blue, green and yellow are sturdy yet look light and airy. Their opalescence ensures the heavy stemware does not detract from other table elements, such as ceramic fiesta ware or understated stoneware.

Fiesta napkins and Santiago table runners really bring the fiesta theme to life. However, if you want to be less obvious in your theme, consider going with a simpler linen, such as hand-dyed, woven table cloths and runners.


Vintage party rentals in Los Angeles offer an assortment of accessories that tie everything from the natural environment to the place settings together. The Ariel sideboard in teal is the perfect place to set up a cocktail bar, while solid rugs help the eye transition from one designated space to the next. Velvet floor cushions, tufted armchairs and sofas all invite guests to relax and stay awhile after the main part of the event is done. Santiago throw pillows placed strategically throughout seating spaces can help keep the fiesta theme alive.

More Than Just Table Rentals

When looking for a rental company to host your next event, look for one that specializes in more than just table and chair rentals. The right company should be able to provide every element necessary to bring your theme to life, as well as offer design support that can take the stress and headache out of throwing the perfect gathering. If you’re planning a fiesta in the near future, contact your vintage party rentals company today.