The Most Faraway Places for Vacations

Traveling around the world or being in search of an unusual place to visit, often there are very interesting places that may hit even the fussiest traveler. If you are in search of something unusual, then check out the most faraway places to visit in this article.

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It would seem that the Ghanaian coast of the Atlantic Ocean cannot be called picturesque, and the beaches here are not the nicest ones. However, West Africa will impress you with its people and their lifestyle, which just froze in time. People come to Ghana to touch ancient culture and traditions, which are completely unusual for modern man and leave incredible impressions.

For example, a monkey is considered to be a sacred animal, which cannot be offended. Almost any person can be accused of witchcraft: if something happens, it means that someone conjured. And only Elder can sort things out.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Many people do not even suspect what can be seen in the small ancient city of Blagay. There are pomegranates, figs, oleanders, cypresses around the Mediterranean and incredibly interesting cultural values: the remains of Illyrian fortresses and Roman buildings.

Above the city, there is a fortress – the old fort “Stefan grad”. In the sixteenth century a monastery was erected here, but today everything is arranged for travelers here: beautiful places are filled with small cafes and restaurants.

Socotra Island

This is truly one of the rarest places on Earth. Socotra became a kind of Noah’s Ark for many representatives of flora and fauna – a natural reserve for those species that were doomed to disappear. In the center east of the island, there are beautiful mountain valleys, which are also green oases. The steep slopes hang right above the flat coast or over the ocean here. Very unusual plants, like “desert rose” or a unique Dragon tree attracts your attention. Birds that are not found anywhere else on Earth or sperm whales and other unique animals live here.

Rhine Valley

The Rhine for the Germans, it is like the Ganges for the Indians. In addition to the gorgeous nature of the river valley, you will see many beautiful castles, fortresses and admire the small, well-kept villages. The Rhine Valley includes a stretch of river from the city of Bonn to Bingen. The most interesting is the lower part of the valley, which starts in the city of Koblenz.

North of Thailand

Of course, there are fewer tourists, but no less interesting in the North of Thailand. Here you could find clean mountain air, magnificent nature, beautiful waterfalls, temples, and thermal springs.

There are a lot of interesting attractions here, which include the “Doi Tung Royal Villa” and the “Mae Fah” Garden, the “Chiang Dao” Caves and the White Temple. Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden is located in the mountains, and the orchid farm will immediately make you fell in love.

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