The Blues Scene in New Orleans

IMGP10392 French Quarter Blues

Photo Credit: Flickr

One of the blues music’s sub-genres, which are also a variation of Louisiana blues, is New Orleans blues that became popular in 1950s. The city of New Orleans itself has rich roots in blues music. It is mostly influenced by Caribbean music, Dixieland music and jazz, where saxophone and piano are dominant musical instruments, but guitar is no less important. A feature of this music is the complex rhythms and the relaxing tempo. Vocals that are included may range from full-throated shouting in gospel style to silent crooning, which makes this music very unique and well-liked. Some of the most famous regional mainstream hits and R&B charts are produced by Guitar Slim and Professor Longhair.

New Orleans has more than 80 clubs where you can enjoy a variety of the local music performed by famous bands and singers. Along with blues and jazz, visitors may enjoy R&B, funk, rock, roots and much more on the blues scene in New Orleans. This city is the ideal place for music fans who would like to have a music vacation.


  • Bacchanal Wine Club is one such place to visit and to step into the world of pleasure, where music and culture are combined to create a fantastic image of local music. If you pay a visit to this club, you will attend some of its celebrations that are organized each and every night, coupled with a lot of delicious Southern food.
  • Don’t miss the Blue Nile club, where you can enjoy the live performances of rock, jazz, funk and of course blues musicians ever night.
  • On the other hand, Bombay Club, which is located in the center of the French Quarter, features a martini bistro and upscale restaurant. This club offers fantastic local cuisine in a combination of nightly jazz and is a favorite place of many local people.
  • If you would like to feel the spirit of Las Vegas, you should visit Chris Owens Club and enjoy the Latin Rhythms band that starts performing at 8:30 p.m. Reservations in advance are recommended, as this club is quite popular.
  • Little Gem Saloon is another place to go, if you want to feel New Orleans’ most popular music. This club will show you the fusion of cultures that started from marching music and ragtime to come to jazz and blues.
  • The Maison opened officially about 4 years ago, but today it is transformed in one of the favorite party spots in New Orleans. Here is where you can dance and even take part in the swing dancing classes organized several nights a week. Don’t miss dance parties organized each Friday night.
  • Preservation Hall is a place that preserves the traditional music of New Orleans, jazz. It keeps this music alive. The hall is stronger than ever with performances of young musicians and well as veterans.


Being the jazz music birthplace, New Orleans is more popular as a blues center, which performs a distinctive blues music form that became popular among many notable musicians, who produced their recordings.
Guitar Slim was the most popular blues guitarist that emerged from this city in the period after the World War II with his amazing hit “The Things That I Used to Do”. He combined blues, R&B and gospel and played a huge role in the later development of soul music. This music became a precondition for rock music development with its electric guitar solo and overtones. But Guitar Slim is not the only important bluesman from this city. Two others that are also considered to be the founders of this gender are Guitar Slim with his electric-based R&B and acoustic folk, as well as Earl King with his blues hits “Come On” and “Big Chief”.