The Best CS: GO Practice Maps to Improve Your Gameplay

Let’s face it; all skill-based games have two things in their core: talent and hours invested. The concept is simple to understand, yet many fail to grasp the importance of proper practice. Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of the highest skill cap games in the world.

The players who are at the top consistently didn’t get there by playing a few fun games with their friends. They invested thousands of hours into playing the game they love and focused on improving specific parts of their gameplay.

The average Joe chooses the deathmatch servers to practice shooting; however, you can only improve one aspect of your game with that.

There are seven competitive maps in the CS: GO pool, and you have to know the smokes, flashes, timings, and wall bangs.

On a side note, players love to brag with their skins when playing CS: GO, and while some purchase them directly, others choose the cheaper option of using the xray scanner csgo before opening CS: GO cases to get valuable loot. For only a fraction of the total cost of the case, players can see what is inside a case before they even open it. 

With the skin they love, players move into practice.

Yesber’s YPrac Series

Yesber has created the gold standard when it comes to practice maps. Not only does his YPrac Series include all competitive maps, but they also have options like common clearing angles, grenade lineups, and a mod to switch sides and peek from different angles.

Apart from that, he has created an aim map as well. There are endless customizable options for your aiming there, from shooting from the front, back, side to the head, and even choosing the models of enemies. The number of customizable options cannot be explained in words. You simply have to try it out.

Aim and Movement Training CSGO map created by DC

This training map includes tons of useful options, mostly for the newer CS: GO players. Apart from it being an aim map, mastering movement in CS: GO is vital as well. There are pillars for bunny hopping, surfing, and everything a new player needs. 

It also includes a ViewModel customizer, which is a fantastic feature that most people disregard while practicing. 

Aim Botz by uLLeticaL

This map is probably the most famous CS: GO practice map. It’s not uncommon to see a professional player jump into this map before an important event or before they go into their first game of the stream. 

It’s simple, easy to understand, and provides you with the perfect settings to improve your skills.

There are separate maps for weapon sprays, leaderboards, and even timers and scoreboards. 

uLLeticaL has worked with some of the worlds’ most prominent companies to create custom maps that they can share with their fans, and he has almost 15 million subscribers in the workshop.

Keep up the excellent work uLLeticaL, we appreciate you!