Tattoo Care for Newbies: Top Tips

Tattoo Care is the less fun aspect of getting body art done

Congratulations on getting inked for the first time! It is a new experience and you may likely be at a loss on how to handle the changes and the healing sections of your skin over the next few weeks. Here are top tips you should keep in mind to avoid complications and fast track the healing process for your personal work of art.

Don’t Submerge Your Tattoo in Water

For the next two weeks, do not swim or get submerged in the bathtub. Avoid using a sauna as well.  Using a swimming pool is bad and swimming in an open body of water is the worst thing you can do to yourself! Your tattooist, knowing the texture of your skin, may advise you to take a longer break from such activities. You can shower though.

Avoid Wrapping a Second Time

Unless you have been told to do so by your tattoo artist, there is no reason to cover your tattoo again after the initial cover has been taken off by your artist. You need to treat your tattoo like an open injury. The best way to take care of it at this point is to wash it lightly with squeaky clean fingers with an anti-bacterial and unscented soap.  After washing, leave it to air dry or use a paper towel lightly on it.

“During the cleaning process, you need to maintain 100% hygiene. Don’t leave anything on the tattoo,” says Manny Garcia at Firme Copias.

Get Ready for Some Irritation

Since it’s your first time, you probably do not know that a new tattoo can get sensitive or inflamed.  For most people, it happens within 24 hours of completion but the severity is dependent on the part of the body you have tattooed and the scope of work done. Watch the irritation and be sure it doesn’t exceed 4 days. After 4 days, go back to the shop for a check and advice.

Don’t Be Dismayed By the Fluid

Your tattoo will give off clear or coloured fluid in the first few days. Do not be alarmed about it as it is perfectly normal. It doesn’t mean that your tattoo is fading. Simply clean it regularly as we have mentioned above and allow it to go through the healing process.

Add Some Moisture

Allowing your tattoo to dry will lead to the formation of scab and this is bad for the healing process. It can also alter the appearance of the tattoo permanently. Top tattooists know the best moisturising elements to use. Follow their advice. However, you need to ensure you are only applying a light coat of moisturising cream or ointment. If you cover your tattoo too much with ointment, it can’t breathe. You only need a dab.

Pay Attention to Your Tattooist

Keep in mind everything your tattooist has told you and be ready to do exactly as instructed. As professionals with years of experience, they already know products and techniques that will aid the healing process for you. Apart from ensuring faster healing, going your own route with aftercare and ignoring what has been said could lead to forfeiture of privileges such as free touch ups or free recovery advice.

Getting your first tattoo is exciting. To ensure you come through the recovery phase unscathed, stick to the advice covered here. The recovery process may sound daunting but it is simple if you are willing to stick to known rules.