How To Stop Noise Pollution From Getting into Your Home

Living in the city may come with all its grandeur – broaden professional contacts and better work opportunities, better public transportation and walkability, varied choices for shopping, and better opportunities for medical care. However, with all those highly anticipated benefits of living in the city is a certain amount of price to pay: peace and quiet.

Noise pollution is one of the drawbacks of living in the city. Since the city is a highly developed place, you can expect that everything is always on the run no matter what time of day. And just as you would like to take some rest, it may be impossible to achieve that, if noise is part of your everyday life.

Although we may not be able to let all the noise come to a complete halt, we can use some techniques to somehow lessen the irritating sounds that cause distraction in our homes.

Causes of Noise

Here are some of the most common noise sources that you may hear from within your house:

  • The wailing siren from an ambulance, especially if the hospital happens to be just a few blocks away from where you live
  • The deafening sound of airplane noise that hovers over your home every now and then
  • Construction that has been ongoing for the past 12 months
  • The unending fight of a couple who lives next door
  • Dogs barking
  • The blasting music coming from your son’s room

We need to remember that constant exposure to noise has a negative impact on one’s health.

Making A Peaceful Sanctuary

The best way to eliminate noise is to soundproof your home. The following tips can help reduce or eliminate the noise that’s bound to creep into your houses.

You may start by seeking help from professionals such as The Soundproof Windows. By using acoustic windows that help reduce sound, homeowners and business owners can enjoy the peace and quiet that they need and deserve. Soundproof windows not only provide you the peace and quiet that you need, but may also add value to your home.

You can also help reduce the noise inside your home by replacing some of the things that can amplify noise. Bare wooden floors may be cost-efficient and easier to clean, but it’s possible to hear creaking sounds when someone walks on them. To reduce the unwanted sound, you may place a carpet over it.

Your children may love music so much that sometimes it is nearly impossible to command them to reduce the volume. For this scenario, you may install egg cartons around the walls to help reduce sound. The shape of these cartons mimics the domes of acoustic foams.

You may also place a wooden bookcase or cabinet against a wall shared with another room, so that it can absorb some of the noise between the rooms.

For outside noise, you may put thick curtains and drapes over your windows. This can muffle the noise coming in through the windows, especially if your windows already have gaps or cracks.

If the bedroom is too close to the laundry area, this may cause disturbance to anyone sleeping. Keep noise appliances as far away from the sleeping quarters as possible.

By following these tips, you can look forward to less noise and more peace inside your homes. That way, you can enjoy a blissful rest that you absolutely need.