Spice up your life: 10 great things to do when you are bored

There are some great things to do when you are bored that will snap you out of your funk

Where will we go when we are really bored? What are we going to do when nothing seems fun? Well, do we have a list for you! This is the perfect piece of paper to own while being stuck in a loop of boring everyday routine. And we invite you to try it. Spice Up Your Life Ladies & Gentleman. The list you all wish you had that time when you were dying of Boredom.

    1. Be the social one! This one is not for the faint of heart, but we promise you it will be a blast… However, it won’t work if you are too shy! The idea here is to get the juices going by connecting to other people. It is a challenge that require some bravery. What you need to do is go down to the city centre and talk to people. Sounds simple enough? Well, to talk about what? Well, you need to chat away, go up to everyone you meet and ask them about the time; the direction; tell them that you need to find a certain shop; or that you are new in town and that you need someone to give you some advice on what to see and do.


    1. Be a daredevil. We have all seen them, the crazy people climbing up tall buildings. And no, we are not asking you to do the same, well, we are, but with less danger. If you live in a city, try to get up the top of the highest building, without jeopardising your health and without breaking any laws. If you do not have any convenient city nearby, then why not try to find the highest point near your house, let’s say you live in the forest, well there must be some hill or something similar close by


    1. Try playing Online Casino. No, it won’t bite you. No, it is not dangerous. It is so much fun! And it is easy to get started. I do not know a single thing you can do from home that is as exciting. And there are so many sites to choose between. Where to start? Well, just use this link, or use dear old uncle google. He will surely show you a thing or two. And when you do get going, don’t forget to check out the bonuses on hand, especially those regarding registering on the site and making the first deposit; the so-called Welcome Bonus. Compare some sites if you will, as they do not offer the same Welcome Bonus, and not all of them are as generous.


    1. Be an explorer. Discover something new! Either in your city, or if you live on the country side; find a town or village you haven’t been to before. To feel like Columbus is always going to kill the boredom. Do not be afraid; to encounter something new in the world is to discover something new within yourself.


    1. The dice man. This one is a little bit dangerous, but also very funny, just a word of warning, do not take it too far. ‘The Dice Man’ is a novel by author Luke Rhinehart, in which the main character decides to let the dice rule his life. Well, we are not telling you to let the dice rule your life forever, but give it a try for a moment. Choose six things to do. For instance, from this list; roll the dice, and let it decide your faith. Give it a try, it is actually quite intriguing, and you will definitely forget to be bored, we are sure of it.


    1. Have you ever tried free spins casino? Well, you should! It is surprisingly fun and there are plenty of top sites out there to get your heart racing. Online Casino is a different type of online gambling altogether, but we can guarantee you that you will be intrigued and enjoy yourself. There is a lot of prejudice out there about Online Casino, and quite frankly, you shouldn’t listen to prejudice, you know that right??


    1. Learn a new language. Yeah, we know what you are thinking; ‘OK, so you want to me to be even more bored than I already am?’ But, come on, use your brain a little. Learning a new language will not only open your mind and brain to a whole new way of thinking, but also open your heart to a new culture. How do we know this? Because we speak from personal experience.


    1. Have a run. No, running is not boring, it opens your mind and heart and clears your soul of negative emotions; going for a run is always something positive, it really helps a person feeling more positive about himself, and less bored. If you, for some reason, find it difficult to run; have a powerwalk and feel a similar effect.


    1. Plan a trip overseas. This is a great way of changing your way of thinking and to focus on something new and different. Above all, you will get to figure out where you want to go, what country to see and what culture to visit. Furthermore, you will have to think about all the practical aspects of traveling, this is sometimes fun, and sometimes less so, but regardless, you will most likely forget all about being bored, and if you plan to make the trip alone, you are more like to feel butterflies flying around all over your stomach.


  1. Do a good deed. We end this list by doing a good deed; asking you to do a good deed. Help a friend move, or carry an old person’s groceries, or why not do volunteering work in a shelter for homeless people, or help your poor old mom cleaning her house. There are plenty of good and generous things you can do. The good thing about this is by doing a good deed you will forget about yourself for a moment, and the feeling of being bored, besides actually doing a really good thing.