Special Day Salvation – 6 Tips For Avoiding the Common Pitfalls of Wedding Planning

By avoiding Common Pitfalls of Wedding Planning, your special day can be just that

Planning a wedding is stressful; there is so much pressure to do it right and you are probably going to spend a fair amount of money. Anything that can reduce the pressure and help point you and your partner in the right direction is going to save you time and worry! So, here are our top ten things to avoid and look out for when you are planning your special day.

  1. Don’t Rush Things

Give yourself (and your guests) as much time as you need.

This means setting the date far enough in the future to both enjoy your engagement and to have enough time to plan your event. You want everything to work in your favour and for as many of your loved ones as possible to make it to the big day.

If you think its is too early for invitations but you have a date pinned down you can send ‘save the date’ announcements and then remind guests closer to your wedding with official invites. You can even have all of your stationery designed and printed online through companies like Inspired Design (inspireddesignweddinginvitations.com).

The other day that it is important to effectively plan and space out is the wedding day itself. Give you and your partner plenty of time to get ready, travel and eat! Too often, people don’t leave time for the unexpected and spend the day stressing instead of enjoying it and making memories.

  1. Don’t Grant Favours

Your wedding is exactly that, Yours!

So, it is not a day for giving your partners, sisters, boyfriend his big chance to DJ, or allowing your niece to finally give professional hair and makeup a go. No! You have no obligation to hire anyone, anything, or invite people you don’t really want. Obviously, you need to keep the families happy but as long as you are firm and polite, in the end people who love you will be happy to give you the day you and your partner want.

  1. Avoid Fixating

It is easy to get so wrapped up in planning the big event that you forget what it represents. A wedding is not as important as the life you are making with your partner so as often as possible, put away the lists and bills and budgets and play the ‘when we are married’ game. Plan for the whole future, talk about how many kids and pets and when you should buy that car or home. Stay sane and don’t forget what your wedding is really about.

  1. You Don’t Need to Spend More

So many couples make the mistake of buying into the market that is weddings.

The truth is you can have a great wedding on whatever budget you want. You don’t need to spend and spend to make the day special, outline what you want at the beginning and what is essential and stick to that list. Once you start talking and googling it might seem like you need a twelve piece string ensemble, but the fact is you can probably live without them.

  1. Always Haggle (Where Appropriate)

When you are buying or hiring things in bulk for events as large as weddings you can often receive discounts or deals as you are making the services you are using a fair amount of money, all you need to do is ask. The worst that can happen is that they say no, and if they don’t you can save yourself a fair amount of cash.

  1. Do It Your Way

The worst thing you can do is plan your wedding to specifications other people have or to try and keep everyone happy. You need to get married the way you want with the people you love around you. If you make compromises for other people you may be disappointed and that is the last thing you want to feel on your wedding day.

If you want a circus wedding have a circus!

The only right way put on a wedding is the way that makes the couple getting married, happy and excited to share their love and the beginning of their lives together with their family and friends.