How To Reduce The Road Tax You Pay

Paying vehicle excise duty (commonly referred to as road tax) is something necessary in the UK right now. How you pay the road tax was revamped in the past years and changes are still happening, being scheduled for the following years. You need to be careful with what you do and how much you pay, especially when referring to the potential fees that apply.

Bringing down road tax amounts is of high interest for many UK motorists right now but the lack of knowledge available is quite high. It is always a very good idea to talk to specialists that can guide you through the whole process. However, there are some things you should be aware of. This is what we will present in the following paragraphs.

Car Changing

One of the best possible ways to reduce UK road tax is to take a closer look at what you are actually driving, whenever possible. If you upgrade the car you can end up paying so much less. Driving one of the vehicles that is close to the road tax table top, like a high performance car or a 4X4 SUV will cost a lot. If you want to reduce the road tax it is always a good idea to opt for economical options and choose cars that fall into lower tax categories.

Getting Road Tax Refunds

One thing you might not know or you maybe forgot is that when you do not drive the car for a period of time you can declare that it is off the road. This will help you to get a road tax refund. It is something that is applicable only if the vehicle is going to stay on a private land lot, like in your private garage. When it is driven on public roads or is even seen parked on roads, it is officially declared as being SORN. Registered owners are going to be liable to be prosecuted in this scenario.

When you want to obtain a refund on your road tax, you have to send your disk back in order to obtain it for the month left to run. There will be an administration fee that has to be paid when buying the 6 months disk. In this case you will not receive the 10 extra percent that you paid.

Final Thoughts

The road tax is something that you cannot avoid in the UK in the event you want to drive on public roads but there are some ways in which you can reduce your expenses. Fortunately, this is possible but you need to understand all the options that are available. What was mentioned above were just a couple of ideas that are highly effective but other things can be done. However, keep in mind that the laws often change. This is why it is so important that you stay up-to-date with all that is possible right now. You might find brand new ways to save money on road taxes in the future.