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Travel gadgets

Being the whole family a few days away from home is a good opportunity to get away from daily routine, do activities or simply spend more time together. Traveling with your tablet is a great idea and this is why for many parents with small children the tablet has become a constant companion for traveling. Preparing good applications before leaving home will save problems with children and probably make your vacation more enjoyable.

Here are some hints for your tablet in order to face the upcoming holidays:

Video Player

A good selection of movies is a must. Tablets like iPad bring their own video player, but it is best to get one that can read ‘divx’ without converting . CineXPlayer is one of the best applications for video playback on iPad. Divx If you have downloaded to your computer will be the best spent 2.69 euros in your life. If your tablet is Android everything is much easier, you just have to make the selection of films.


Holidays are a great time to enjoy family games and some may be in the tablet. Classic board games like Parcheesi (free for iOS or Android ), The Goose (iOS € 0.89 ), Trivial (iOS € 0.89 ) or Monopoly ( iOS Android 5.99 € 4.49 ) and one taking the online world by storm, Slitherio.

QR Code Reader

If you plan to visit museums or exhibitions it is increasingly common to find QR codes that allow further information or play videos and audios related. You better have downloaded a free QR reader and be sure that kids will be much more interested in what they will be seeing .

Travel guide

There are not many guides for tablet or smartphones fully oriented to young audiences. If you’re going to Paris, Mola Me applying Travel ( € 2.69 for iPad ) is perfect for the kids to make the visit with comics and games on the French capital. A good option is the Lonely Planet guides which are available for iOS , Android , Nokia , Kindle and other ebooks.

Weather Application

Knowing at least approximately weather conditions is a must while on holiday, especially if you have kids. Better Weather is a nice free iPad app with which you know if you go out or have to stay and play at home. For Android , Kid Weather is a very complete application combines information with entertainment


Although the holiday must be time for rest and to get away from school work, may be a good idea to use the tablet to make a travelogue. Trip Journal is an app that, while not aimed at children, it is very simple to use and with which the child may be adding comments for each place you visit, add pictures and videos or record routes. It is available for iPhone , Android and Symbian.