Planning a New Kitchen? The Top Four Factors that can Make or Break Your Kitchen

Having your very own personalised kitchen is entirely doable, and it needn’t be such a difficult endeavour. But whether you’re tired of having an inefficient, ugly or dull kitchen and would like a totally awesome kitchen transformation or you’re planning to build an entirely new kitchen from scratch, there are some aspects that are non-negotiable. So, are you planning a new kitchen? Here are the top four factors which can make or break your kitchen.

  • The lighting

There are basically three types of lighting you need for an efficient and practical kitchen – this would be task lighting, mood lighting, and natural lighting. Focus on these three, and the lighting in your kitchen should be set. Task lighting is the brightest, and it should provide lighting for the performance of various tasks, be it chopping vegetables, cooking, and so on. Mood lighting creates the ‘feel’ of the kitchen and, as its name implies, sets the mood, so you can easily change your kitchen from functional to cosy and entertaining with the flick of a switch. Natural lighting is lighting from outside, and you should maximise it as much as possible as well.

  • The kitchen layout

There is a golden rule when it comes to kitchen layouts which all functional kitchens should follow: the kitchen triangle. The kitchen triangle refers to the space between the hob or cooker, refrigerator, and sink. Make sure you can work freely in this area, so placing these close together is important, but you should still be able to move around with ease. Another consideration when it comes to your kitchen layout is the flow of the kitchen as compared to other rooms in your home; there should be a good flow between the kitchen and areas such as your dining and living area, and even outdoor areas (an ongoing trend is creating a flow between a kitchen and an outdoor living space, such as a conservatory or patio).

  • Your storage space

Yet another aspect which can make or break your kitchen is the storage space. Proper storage is essential for any kitchen, even more so if your kitchen is on the small side. Having the right storage and being organised is key. This is often where help from kitchen experts like HKS comes in (and you can get some brilliant kitchen ideas from the professionals by checking out their kitchen showrooms in Sussex). Make sure all items are conveniently stored and conveniently accessible, and this includes such items as pots and pans, knives, cutlery, kitchen appliances, mugs, and so on. Pans are best stored next to the cooktop or stove top, whilst knives are best placed beside your prep area, for instance. Happy planning, and good luck!