Perfect Presents for Your Pampered Pooch

If you know someone who absolutely adores their dog, and treats it like a human, then you may want to find the perfect presents for this pampered pooch. And the first and best place to start is with a designer dog clothes retailer online. Whether you’re shopping for your own dog, or that of a dear friend, you know for a fact that they are going to be really happy with what you get them. Let’s take a look at some of the dog gifts out there that you could consider getting.

  1. The Crystal Dog Collar

Dogs have to wear collars, so why not make it one that really stands out from the crowd. If a dog is wearing a crystal dog collar, you can guarantee that they will be in the spotlight around their block. And if dogs can communicate with each other, then you just know they dogs will all be talking about this amazing collar among themselves as well! Best of all, you can get these collars personalized, so that it is something really unique.

  1. The Gem Studded Collar

Let’s say you have a crystal dog collar, but one lady down the dog walking park, who always wants to keep up with the Jones’ , gets an even shinier one. Fear not, because you can outdo her again by opting for a gem studded collar instead. If you really want to dress your dog up, then this is the collar for you. You can choose gemstones based on your dog’s birth month, for instance, and you can even go all out and actually go for precious gemstones. Although you may want to hold on very tight to your dog when you travel, if you do invest to that degree!

  1. Designer Clothes

Have you ever seen celebrities walk around in an outfit, and their dog has the exact same one on? This isn’t because they wear unique pieces of clothing that are tailormade to their needs. Rather, this is now a very popular thing to do. And if you don’t want to look exactly like your dog, you could simply shop for clothes just for the dog. This is a particularly good option if you were buying as a gift.

  1. Dog Booties

Last but not least, you could get some dog booties. If your friend has a house that isn’t carpeted, having chosen for laminate, wood, or stone instead, they will likely complain about the irritating noise of their dog walking around their floor. Booties are the perfect solution, as they stop that clicking noise, while at the same time making sure that the floor does not become damaged. As an added benefit, there is nothing quite as hilarious as seeing a dog owner try to put booties on their dog for the first time, or a dog walking in booties for the first time. Make sure, therefore, that you have a camera ready to film this extraordinary and incredibly funny event.