Packing for a Ski Trip


Photo Credit: Creative Commons

It’s already the end of October – the snow is coming! Packing for a winter trip can be a confusing and overwhelming process .even after gathering enough energy to pack for skiing trip you will still be daunted by the thought of unpacking everything else once you reach your destination. For people that are still un- initiated the process can be twice as exhausting. The guide below will help you to make the process of packing for a ski trip.

Ski trip checklist:

One of the most common ways of ruining a skiing trip is forgetting the important stuff that you will need. Use the following checklist in order to avoid having to buy the missing items as well as aggravation:


  • Jackets: if you will be snowboarding ensure that you have a knee length jacket. Failing to do this will make the rest of your clothes wet throughout the trip.
  • Pants: pack warm and waterproof pants.
  • Sweater: choose a sweater that is warm.
  • Gloves and glove liners; mittens are not a good choice for a skiing trip choose rather warm gloves that are waterproof. Glove liners are optional.
  • Helmet: this will be helpful in maintaining your safety. If you do not prefer to carry around a helmet you can carry a warm snow cap that covers your ears.
  • Neck gator: although the gator is not as fashionable as the scarf skiers prefer it prefer them
  • Skiing socks: everyday socks will not be helpful at the skiing trip you are advised to acquire skiing socks which are specifically designed and created for skiing.


  • Goggles: other people will prefer to sunglasses rather goggles. It is highly recommended that you get goggles for snowboarding
  • Snow boots: it is unsafe to use normal boots or shoes in snow. You will therefore need snow boots.
  • Camera: you may want. To capture your happy moments at the trip.
  • Hydration pack; if your trip schedule will not comprise of many breaks a hydration pack is essential.
  • Gear: you can either buy these or rent them
  • Snow board: ensure that you get the right size of snowboard.


Some of the other stuff you will need includes: underwear, jeans ,long-sleeve t-shirts travel documents hoodies ,toiletries phone, credit cards and high energy snacks. You will also have to consider off slopes events like dining the nightlife and shopping.

Apart from going through the above checklist other tips would be

  • Determine the amount of luggage you will need to carry. This will usually be determined by the duration of the trip.
  • While packing include clothes that you will wear when you won’t be skiing.
  • Wear your bulky jacket instead of wearing it.
  • If you need more room in your suitcase while packing you can stuff small things in your skiing boots.
  • Ensure that you have parked the pre-bought tickets receipts, as well as rental confirmations.
  • Pack your bags at least two days in advance to save time on the day of leaving for the trip.

In order to fully enjoy your skiing trip and avoid the trouble associated with forgetting to bring essential clothing accessories or travel documents it is imperative that skiers pack their stuff in advance using the checklist provided above. The excitement that comes with the skiing trips can make you forget to pack essential items which would eventually translate to aggravation rather than fun. Use the packing tips provided above as well as the checklist for guaranteed fun in your skiing trip.