Outdoor Pool Gate Ideas with an Emphasis on Safety

The pool is the ultimate symbol of relaxation, enjoyment, and class. It is perfect for outdoor leisure with friends and family, without having to spend a fortune. How can you get the best of outdoor pools especially with the pool gates and security features you have to install? The answer is simple, glass pool fences.

Security is one feature to look out for when installing a new home feature and one fantastic way to achieve this is to have glass fences installed with the swimming pool. Are you skeptical about compromising beauty for safety? Not with these outdoor glass pool gates. The sophisticated appearance of glass coupled with the sleek design creates a formidable line of defense for your swimming pool.

Here are some pool gate ideas you can try out.

Frameless Pool Gate

This is one of the most popular pool gates and it is widely employed in residential homes, businesses, and commercial buildings. The ability to fit perfectly in any scene without making adjustments to the existing landscape is commendable and this is one of the reasons behind its widespread adoption. It has self-latching and self-closing features which make it perfect for swimming pools with kids and pets. As the name implies, there are no frames, just latches and soft smooth hinges.

Premium Pool Gate

Glass pool gates can also be premium and classic. The conventional width is 39 inches and it offers improved security features. Even though it is made of glass, there is a stainless steel passage latch which has options for keys and soft heavy duty hinges. This gate meets the safety requirements in several states and is recommended for apartments with increased security demand.

Commercial Glass Gates

Buildings which receive significant traffic such as hotels, an office complex, condos, etc. are advised to install commercial glass gates. The offer of security and elegance is enough to change your decision, however, it gets better. These gates are usually available in 8 different coated finishes, giving developers a variety to select from.

This commercial glass gate is another perfect way to enjoy the combination of aluminum and glass. In some special cases, a panic device, which can be used to alert nearby security officials about any security threat is available. This is in addition to the different latch techniques available like the Magnalatch, side-pull, top-pull, and lever-lock.

Double Gate System

This is the ultimate gate system for extremely large buildings. It boasts a classic French door appearance which gives the building an exquisite antediluvian look. It also has stainless steel posts, premium latches, bottom locks, etc. The gate system also features floor-mount pivots, post-mount pivots, and other fittings which accentuate the appearance.


Secure your turf. Expand your horizon. Enlarge your coast. Do it just because you can afford to.