How to Know When It’s Time to Hire An Office Cleaning Service

How to Know When It's Time to Hire an Office Cleaning Service

When you are an office manager or the owner of a business, it can get difficult being the one who makes all of the decisions. You probably have a lot on your plate and are constantly thinking of one thing or another. One of the decisions you have to make is probably about your office and its condition. That means keeping it clean and updated. Some of that may fall on you, and sometimes it’s time to outsource the cleaning end to an office cleaning service.

Outsourcing a Cleaning Service

The extra fees may not be something you want to think about, but it may be time to hire a commercial cleaning crew for your office. If you find yourself staying late to vacuum and clean bathrooms or are noticing you’re not getting other work done that you should be doing because of cleaning, maybe it’s time. If your employees are mumbling and grumbling because you’re having to ask them to take out the trash when they need to be making appointments with clients, it’s probably time to hire a service.

Though it may be an added cost in your budget, your employees and yourself must be able to do the job in front of you, not worry about cleaning the office space. What will end up costing you more that the actual service is lost productivity, as well as the disgruntled opinion your employees will share about what’s being asked of them that isn’t work related.

The Importance of a Clean Office

When it comes to your office, you’ve got a couple of reasons it needs to be clean. For one, you need a space that reflects cleanliness and organization. Because people spend so much time at work, the work place needs to be a pleasant, clean environment. The cleaner and more pleasant your office space is, the more positive your employees will feel while working. Clean and organized spaces are great motivators when it comes to work and productivity. Having clutter around or dust bunnies in the corner can actually make employees feel less organized and not as able to work to their best ability.

The cleaner your office is, the healthier your employees will stay. When you have a cleaning service come to clean, they’ll clean places perhaps you don’t think about. The cleaner your office can be, and the less germs there, the healthier your employees will stay and they won’t need to take sick days. Remember, things like computer keyboards and light switches harbor tons of germs. You may not always have the time to keep these clean. Here are some other places where hidden germs may lurk:

  • Door knobs and door frames
  • Phones
  • Copy machines
  • Communal areas, like the fridge and conference desk

Another reason for having a clean office space is when your clients visit. Think about it, if you walk into a restaurant or business that doesn’t seem clean, it won’t reflect well and you won’t want to do business there. So why should a client want to work with you if your space is dirty? You want clients to come in and feel special; you want them to see that you not only run a strong company, but that you take in pride in it.

Cleanliness Can Go Far

Sure, you may not have the budget to redecorate and update every year, but you should be able to keep your office clean. If you feel you’re struggling to do this on your own, and you’re noticing sick employees and unhappy clients, look into outsourcing a cleaning service. When looking for a cleaning service, make sure you take a look at their reliability and reputation. Those need to be solid. You want to be able to count on and trust your new service, and they should fulfill your expectations. A cleaning service should be able to swoop in, clean and be out without interfering in how your work place functions. Your employees and clients alike will notice and appreciate that clean feeling and atmosphere in the office.

A clean space makes for a productive space, and productivity leads to success. Hiring a cleaning service can help you on your own road to success.

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