Microgaming Preparing for 2017

Most avid online casino players are expecting new games in 2017. It appears the audience is not going to settle for anything less than that. Furthermore, they are expecting that software production companies like Microgaming will move swiftly to accommodate their needs. Thankfully, the company had anticipated that kind of demand at the close of 2016. They are actually more prepared than you might think. It also appears that everything is going to fall according to their plans. This is quite evident in the way the company is quick to release games in January. It’s like these games had already been developed and were waiting to be rolled out in the right moment.

So, how is Microgaming preparing for 2017?

Their top priority has always been how to make sure that players are fully satisfied with their games. They work round the clock to build and refine online slots that meet quality standards. Quality standards in this context means that they are developing games that are exciting and equally rewarding in terms of bonuses and jackpots.

The fact that Microgaming has held the top position among the few casino software providers we know of today is testimony enough that they are serious with their work. Furthermore, the serious nature of Microgaming’s activities has been manifested in the way they release games each month.

As we speak, the company has already produced a few slot games worth enjoying in January 2017. Titles like Immortal Romance, Life of Riches, and Huangdi are making their debut this month. Immortal Combat could easily qualify as the mobile game of the year.

The new Immortal Combat mobile version is the answer to casino players who don’t want to waste time downloading the original version of the video slot. The game comes with a number of exciting reward features, which if unlocked, could see mobile casino players smiling all the way to the bank.

But this also shows us one thing. That Microgaming is focused in creating mobile games to eliminate the shortcomings of traditional casino games. They have proved it with the launch of Immortal Combat – a good indication that the company is poised to give its fans the juiciest of moments this year.

Life of Riches is yet another release from the company. This slot video game has a theme that portrays the lifestyle of the rich and mighty. It’s characterized by fancy cars, traveling to exotic destinations, playing golf and so on.

The maximum win in this game is promised to sit at $120,000. This slot machine is exciting in the sense that players will be treated to a plush travelers theme enhanced with attractive color combinations. You should definitely check it out at All Slots Online Casino to see it for yourself. Words cannot explain the experience of playing this video game.


It is expected that Microgaming will continue releasing new games every month. They have the resources to do so. They have never disappointed. The same can be said about All Slots Online Casino which has never disappointed its users with regards to the selection of Microgaming slot machines which they have in stock on their platform. Our opinion is that there is so much to fathom at this moment. The possibilities are endless.