What Makes a Good Advertisement?

Take a look around you, and you will see advertisements everywhere. They are on TV, on billboards, in magazines, on the radio, on the internet. We can’t seem to escape from companies trying to get us to buy something. But just what makes a good advertisement? A key factor is that it has a good image, like those taken by Elvis Dzebic. But what else matters? How do you get people to take notice of something that you try to sell them? The answer is that it is all in design. Let’s take a look at some key factors.

How to Make an Effective Advertisement?

  1. It has to be unique. Because there are advertisements all around us, it is vital that any new advertisement offers something visually that nobody else has done before. People have become desensitized to the constant bombardment of flash colors and pretty pictures, so you need to do something different. Of course, you do also have to make sure that, once people stop and look at your advertisement, they can actually see what you are selling.
  2. Communication is key. You have to use a language that appeals to your particular audience. Your product will be targeted at a certain demographic, and that is who you have to attract. There is no point getting vegetarians interested in the latest sausage mix, for instance. Similarly, a young, hip audience wants something modern and flashy, whereas a businessperson is looking for something in greys and blues.
  3. You must apply the tried and tested principles of design. This includes having a legible advertisement, so that people know what you are conveying. Furthermore, it has to be balanced in a semi-symmetrical way. Lastly, it has to use pattern, color, repetition, and contrast. This makes it visually and esthetically appealing.

There are just three key factors to take into consideration when you want to make a beautiful advertisement. These factors are true regardless of your medium. You may be developing a banner ad, or a spot for the radio. Either way, it has to appeal, it has to make sense and, most of all, it has to be unique. The recommendation is to not go at this alone. If you do not have an in house advertising team, then you should hire an external agency. They will usually also have professional photographers who can make your ad look absolutely amazing. Being creative is something that doesn’t come naturally to everybody, so make sure that you admit to this and get the people who are creative to help you.

Do also remember that consumers are tired of seeing advertisements. We live in a capitalist society, and people are growing tired of it. However, that is also the way of the world, so what you have to do is think of something that is appealing to an audience that is becoming so resistant to consumerism. It seems like an impossible task, but remember that there are no problems – only solutions waiting to be found.