4 Steps to the Perfect Display Banner Design

When it comes to perfect display banner design, there are a number of steps you can take to get it right

It’s easy to make a banner. But it is much harder to make a banner that makes a difference to your business. People are used to seeing display and advertising banners. You need yours to stand out if you are going to make a big impression. If you are thinking about how to use banner designs and displays to advertise your product or service, take a look at these tips and find out what you need to know about banners for your business.

Check Out the Size

The size of your display banner will depend on your purpose. For example, pop up banners for exhibits or in-store displays will need to be relatively small, and portable. But when you want to advertise your shop to people driving past on a busy road, your banner needs to be much larger or it will not be seen at all. It is extremely important to consider visibility so that your banner attracts the attention it needs. But of course you need to be careful that a large banner does not overwhelm a small space. Size is an essential consideration.

Boost the Benefits

Ensure that your banner makes the most of the advertising message you want to send. You need the text and the images to correctly focus on the benefits of the product you are selling, or the key points of the services you are offering.

Decide on the Design

Your personalised banners need to be well designed. It may seem like a simple thing to construct a banner, but Roller Banners and pop-up banners are not always easy to get right. Too many times you can see banners that look over-filled, that use too many words, or get the colours wrong. Make sure that your design is fit for purpose. If necessary, use the services of a graphic design professional so you can get the best result.

Remember Less is More

One key rule for banners is that the less information and detail you can put on them, the better. You should not aim to fill the entire space you have with text. People will not have time to read it – and it will not be sufficiently attractive. Whether you have a very small pop up banner or a larger outdoor display banner, every word is important and every word counts. Putting the key information on a banner helps you to ensure that you get your message across but you do not overwhelm the person on the street, or turn people away. Be concise, and focus on your key message, making sure that you do not leave out any key details when you are aiming for perfect display banner design.

Image: Image courtesy of sumetho / FreeDigitalPhotos.net