Interdependence PR – What You’ll Need to Work in Public Relations

I have been working with the wonderful team at Interdependence PR firm for just over 5 years now and whilst it is certainly the perfect job for me, over that time I have seen people come and go who found that the industry just wasn’t right for them. Everyone has a different skillset, different personality traits and attributes, and it is vital that you are able to find a career or an industry to work in, that allows you to use all of those skills. If you have been wondering about possibly embracing upon a career in the world of public relations, then these are the general skills and attributes which you are going to need. 

Communication Skills

Within this industry you are really going to need excellent communication sills and the ability to speak with a huge array of people, and feel comfortable doing it. We not only work with our clients who come from a range of sectors and backgrounds, but also with the media, with hospitality teams, with important individuals and public figures. You will need to have the skills to communicate with different people and you will need the confidence to do so. 


The entire world of public relations is about creativity, about how you can come up with new and inventive ways to shape the message of your clients. There are specific creative teams here at Interdependence, but even those who do not work as creatives still have to show that they have the initiative and the ideas to be  creative when working on projects for the clients. 


Many of those who didn’t quite make the grade are those who don’t have that raw energy and passion to work hard in order to deliver for the clients. This is a fast paced industry and anything can happen at any time, and it invariably does! This means that you need to show that hard working attitude and that drive which will make sure that you will be able to deliver for your clients. If you don’t have this passion and drive then you will get found out very early on in your career, and you are unlikely to survive in this world. 

Team Working 

Although we all have our individual roles when working with clients, we are always working as a single unit towards the same end. If you are not good at working with other people then you are not going to be successful in public relations because every job role that you are going to find here will require you to become a part of a tight knit team which will work as one to deliver for the client. You should be able to take the lead, as well as knowing when to take instructions and help your team members.

If you have these attributes then you may very well find that this is a great career choice for you.