AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts Reviews – What is Studying Performing arts Really Like?

Last year I finished my course at the brilliant AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts which was the most amazing experience that I have ever had. I was going to contribute to the AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts reviews to talk about my experience, and I will, but I also wanted to write a piece about what studying performing arts is really like, and what life is like at AMDA.  There is foolish misconception that studying drama is easy or that it is a cop out, which is why I want to set the record straight. 


On the campus at AMDA there is just so much energy and everyone is hustling to be the best that they can be. The facilities here are just incredible and no matter what discipline you are studying, you are going to be given the best chance to improve. Living on campus is so much fun, as you can imagine with all of these creatives in one place. The teaching staff are vastly experienced in the arts and they will bring out the very best in you. 


Something you will learn quickly about when studying the performing arts is just how brutal and honest it can be. They are preparing you for the real world of auditions and knock-backs which is why there is a real need to be candid when you get feedback. If you don’t have thick skin now, you are going to grow it pretty quickly when you study the performing arts. 


There is so much competition in this industry and that is something that I felt from the very first day. For every show there are only so many people who are getting that call and everyone wants to be the very best at what they do. This competition however will help to bring out the very best in you and if you embrace it, you will improve as a result. 


I wasn’t sure what to expect from a social point of view and if you are thinking that it is going to be party central then you are wrong, there is just too much to do. With this being said, meeting up with people from all over the country who all share the passion for the performing arts like I do, was so much fun and I have laughed more in the last few years than ever before. 

Hard Work

Don’t let anyone tell you that studying the performing arts is easy because it most certainly isn’t. During my time at AMDA I donated my blood, sweat and tears to that campus and in return I became a better person a better performer. You will be worked tirelessly when you study the performing arts, which is going to be how you get to where you need to.

Would you like to study the performing arts? Where would you like to go and study? Let me know in the comments.