How to Stay Warm in Your Garden This Autumn

We’ve all felt a bit of a chill over the last few weeks, which indicates we’re quickly moving into autumn/winter. It can be frustrating when you want to spend time in the garden, but you feel like the sudden drop in temperature is holding you back. 

Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that your garden doesn’t need to be abandoned from October onwards because there are things you can do to keep yourself warm! Here are a few ideas we’ve gathered that should get your creative juices flowing and your temperatures rising. 

Add a fire pit 

One of the most aesthetically pleasing and highly-effective ways to keep yourself warm in autumn is to install a cosy fire pit. Placed in the centre of your seating area, this is a great way to keep you and your guests comfortable during the chilly autumn nights. Little ones (and adults) will enjoy toasting marshmallows, sharing scary stories and looking up at the stars. 

Of course, with this autumn garden feature, there are a few safety precautions you need to consider. If you have plastic deck boards, a lawn or real wood decking in your garden, it might be best to situate the fire pit somewhere else. Patio areas are perfect for fire pits!

Install a sunroom

People often think that sunrooms will be ridiculously cold in the autumn months, but this isn’t always the case. There are sunrooms which have been designed with insulation to ensure that heat from your home isn’t lost to the outside. These insulated sunrooms are perfect for use in autumn and winter & will provide you with an unbeatable view of your garden space throughout these beautiful seasons. 

If you already have a conservatory or veranda that you’d like to make a little warmer, there are lots of different outdoor heaters that you can install to take the chill off. While you might not want to spend an entire evening outside under a small heat lamp, it certainly might do the job on the milder autumn nights. Some garden heaters are fitted with stereo and light systems, making them the perfect accessory for garden gatherings and parties. 

Buy some cheap throws and blankets

Whether you’re cosying up around a fire pit, or relaxing in your garden sunroom, having a few blankets to hand can certainly help to keep you warm. 

We suggest cheaper throws for one key reason. Blankets used outside or around a fire are likely to become dirty or damaged over time. Whether it’s spilt hot chocolates, a spit of ash from the fire that creates a hole or a corner that’s been dragged through the mud, there’s no point in investing in high-quality blankets for outdoor use. 

For extra warmth, you could even add some hot water bottles to your garden blanket stash. These hold their heat for hours and hours and can be tucked under your blanket to keep you warm while you relax outside. 

These tips should help you stay warm and make the most of your garden throughout autumn and winter.