How to Enjoy Yourself in South Kensington

South Kensington is a really beautiful part of London and it is a great place for you to base yourself during your time there. Its central location means that you aren’t too far from the action and most of the city’s famous sights can be found with ease. South Kensington is on the west side of London and it is very close to the sprawling Hyde Park, if you do decide to base yourself in this part of the city then here are some of the things which you’ll be able to enjoy right on your doorstep.

Natural History Museum 

The Natural History museum is a publicly funded museum which means that there is no admission fee. This museum offers one of the widest and most diverse collections of natural artifacts from throughout history in the world and is split into the 5 sections  of botany, entomology, mineralogy, paleontology and zoology. This is a great place to spend a day, and it is both educational and fascinating in equal measure.

Hit The Casino 

There are no less than 3 casinos here in South Kensington which have become the city’s most famous and popular. Maxims, Genting and The Gloucester are all glitzy and luxuries casinos which are guaranteed to offer you a great night out. If you are on your own then why not check out some South Kensington escorts to find a beautiful woman to accompany you? Make sure that you are careful with your money and only bet what you can afford, remember that the idea is to enjoy yourself, not bankrupt yourself!

Go Skating 

Just outside the Natural History Museum you’ll find an outdoor ice rink which is open between October and February. If you have been to the museum then you will be able to get a 15% discount off your ticket to go on the ice, if not then this will cost £8 per person. This is a great place to skate, the backdrop, lighting and music make for the perfect environment and once you are finished you can head upstairs where they have a very nice bar and restaurant.

Architecture at Pelham Crescent

This crescent of houses was built in the early 19th Century and designed by George Basevi. So highly considered are these properties that numbers 1-27 are all Grade II listed buildings. Whilst you cannot go into the properties as they are being occupied by residents, walking through Pelham Crescent feels like stepping back in time and the buildings look absolutely stunning. If you are an architecture buff then this is a street which you must pass by.


The Clockmakers’ Museum here in South Kensington is a quirky option which showcases a huge amount of beautiful horological pieces from watches to clocks. The museum charts watchmaking through the ages and the tools which would have been made during the process. Expect to spend around 2 hours here in this free museum.

As we mentioned at the top, South Kensington is a great place to use as a hub during your time in London and it all features plenty for you to enjoy.