Great Ways For Kids To Enjoy The Beach

Beaches are highly popular among adults but they are not always appreciated by children. On a beach, the child has all the freedom available to use imagination and have so much fun. He/she can play, surf, dive, sing, dance and do so much more. However, in the event that you just go to the beach with children without a plan, much chaos and confusion can appear. It is always important to plan. This makes the entire experience better. To help you do just that, here are some activities that kids normally enjoy when at the beach.

Treasure Hunting

Many kids love this game. You just need some sand around you and can hide many things that children should find. Treasure Hunt is a game that can be modified in various different ways. For instance, you can place a marker on the sand and have the kid guess what is under it. The marker can be a hint.


Most parents do not think that they could play this with their children but the truth is the game is suitable for absolutely all possible age groups. You can even play the game at an all-inclusive resort like Capital Resorts Group reviews. It is perfect if there are many children traveling at the same time. In order to win the game, children learn strategies and how to work together.

Beach Bowling

One of the easiest things you could do is to create bowling pins with the use of sand. Then, actually playing the game is not at all difficult. You just re-create pins for every throw and then you start playing. Obviously, the game can be played in groups and you can just rotate who creates pins, roles bowls and more.

The Sun-Dial

This game is a really simple and easy activity that can be enjoyed on the beach by children and adults alike. All that is needed is a stick plus some pebbles. Put the stick right in the middle and then place pebbles all around it. You want to form a circle. As you spend time with the kids, they start seeing how the shadow moves, thus learning about time.

Beach Funny Faces

Whenever you play with sand, it is great to show some creativity. Do this by simply drawing some funny faces with the kids. As the faces are created, you can add an extra rule: do not talk. Just play and draw faces while communicating by making faces. Beach Funny Faces encourages the child to understand human emotions.

Balloon Fish

You play this game on the sea-shore, with some fishes. As a parent, you can show the child some fishes and ask children to draw their faces on a balloon. The balloons can then be filled with water. This learning game is so much more fun than what you might initially think. Just try it out.

Hide And Seek – Castles

Children love building castles out of sand and most love hide and seek. Combining these two can be a lot of fun. The idea is to build several different castles. Then, kids hide behind the castles. A finder needs to guess the kids behind every castle in order to win.