An Exercise in Entertainment – 5 Fun Tips for Staying Fit This Winter

Winter can be a real drag, especially when it comes to staying fit.

In summer, it’s all fun and games, bright sunlight and long, hot days where sweating it out in a gym is a great way to work off that excess energy, but winter is a time for curling up on a warm couch and eating lots of junk food. Well, maybe not so much that, but the cold is definitely a demotivator when it comes to getting into some workout clothes and smashing out a session in the gym.

Some people find that joining a class can help with motivation, because the other people working out gives a “group support” mentality, and if that’s you in a nutshell it could be a great idea to sign up for something like Krav Maga in Melbourne. For anyone who feels a bit differently, we have put together 5 fun tips for staying fit this winter.

Self Defence

Self defence is a great way to change up your exercise routine in the colder months.

When you could usually go for a run or a swim in the heat, self defence provides a way to workout in a warm, safe environment and at the same time learn to defend yourself. Defending yourself can be more important in winter, as the nights are much longer, and the streets are emptier in the inner city suburbs.

Turn Up The Heat

If you have no problem motivating yourself, you can try for some added bonuses to your usual workout. Really crank the heat in your workout space, make it warmer than you’d usually have it by a couple of degrees, and then start your workout. The extra heat will cause you to sweat more profusely and for longer, which is good for your skin and your pores.

Winter Sport

If self defence isn’t your cup of tea, try a different winter sport.

There are some that are less accessible, depending on where you live, but skiing and snowboarding are very fun ways to workout in the cold. For more city-based environments, AFL is a popular winter sport in Australia, and hockey can also be a fun way to workout. Finding a team-based sport can lead to a whole new social circle as well, and the group aspect can keep you obligated to come back for more.

Change the Menu

What you eat can have a big impact on how fit you stay, especially in winter. In winter, we as humans tend to unwittingly pack on weight as a throwback evolutionary tactic in which we eat lots when food is plentiful, i.e autumn and summer, in order to build fat stores to keep us nourished through winter.

This is no longer an evolutionary advantage, and so we have to change our eating habits around winter to keep away from those ever-tempting “bulk” foods.

Weight of Success

Finally, we have a suggestion that can make use of all of your bulk winter clothes.

Try buying a weighted vest and some weighted arm and leg cuffs. The bulkiness of the winter clothes will hide these effectively, and the added weight to your day-to-day activities will tone your body as you normally move about.

With these tips in mind, feel ready to take on the coming winter with impunity to it’s harsh, cold weather fronts.