Endurance Training Benefits for Women


There are many benefits of endurance training for women. This type of strength training is a special form of exercise that causes muscles to contract against weight. This builds up the mass and strength of muscles. Women can reap a host of long term health benefits when they embrace endurance training in their daily exercise and fitness regime.

How does endurance training improve your stamina and strength

When you are working out with weights, you will find that they increase the size of your muscles to give you joints that are stronger and healthier. This means you will notice improvement in physical endurance when it comes to daily work and chores. You can also get better balance and coordination. This will help you prevent the signs of aging as well.

By the age of 30 years you will find that the bone density is at its peak. However, with regular endurance training you can increase bone density and prevent the onset of osteoporosis. Weight training will release the growth hormone in your body and promotes the growth of new cells in the bone. With regular weight training exercises you are able to protect your bones and save them from fractures in case you fall.

Improved immunity

Fitness experts from http://getairtemecula.com/ state that regular weight and stamina training strengthens your immunity. You are able to build muscle as your body gets the protein that it requires in event of illness. This protein stays as a reserve in the body and used to make white blood cells and other antibodies for fighting infection. Regular exercise also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body that is good for your immune system.

Improve your sensitivity to insulin

Regular stamina training will help you in a large way to improve your sensitivity to insulin. This will help in the prevention and control of diabetes. With the extra muscle your body can store glucose and when you build muscle mass, you are able to keep the glucose levels of your body in a normal range.

Increase the metabolic rate in the body

With the aging process you are able to improve and increase the metabolic rate in the body. This results in the burning of calories even while you rest. With endurance training on a regular basis you are able to increase muscle mass and improve your basal metabolic rate. This helps you to burn calories while you rest and of course when you exercise.

Improve your mental health with regular exercise

With regular exercise, you are able to improve your mental health as endurance training will help you to beat stress. This enables you to think clearly. You can reduce cortisol and alleviate the symptoms of depression. Getting regular exercise will also help you to fall asleep faster. This means you will get better quality and restful sleep throughout the night.

Endurance training on a regular basis will make you feel and look your best. This is why you should opt for it and also ensure that you have an experienced fitness trainer by your side to guide you with success!

Author bio: Rebecca Greene from http://getairtemecula.com/ is a fitness consultant and professional for women when it comes to endurance and stamina training in the region.