Ending a Soccer Career 

There are a lot of ways that a career as a professional football player can end. Many players have been forced out of the game either by injury or suspensions. This is a painful fate. Regardless what your profession is, an unexpected end and one so unceremonious is painful. There would still be so much that you want to achieve. The fortunate thing is that this is not what we want to discuss here.

The best way to end a Football Career

For the purposes of clarity, we are referring to a career as a player. There are many ways to quit the world’s most beautiful game. There have been many legends of the sport that have left the game. And join pokie games. The majority of these people left in a very colourful way. The best of them left after helping their teams to win something very important.

There are players that left when everyone thought they still had one more season left in them. Then there are players that where booed off the pitch. These players would have stayed one season too long.

Some players retired completely from professional football never to be seen playing competitively again. However, there is a growing trend of football stars who are leaving all visible forms of football. Such type of football includes international football and clubs in prominent leagues.

Regardless of how they leave the game. Their glory days follow them. And anyway there are many ways to kill a cat. Each player has to find their own way to say goodbye to their everyday way of life.

Afterlife in Football

Sports betting and casino sites are making money on the retirement of players. They are offering novelty bets on the footballers’ retirement dates. Some lucky online punters have won serious money on novelty bets.

The prospects of a professional football player after retirement from the field have increased greatly over time. Now players can do so much. Many former stars are now employed as sports pundits. Others have gone into sports administration while another batch has gone on to run successful sports based and non-sports based businesses.