Eloping vs. Having a Large Wedding

Once you and your partner decide to marry, you have some other decisions to make. For example, you might find yourself making the choice between eloping and having a large wedding. Considering the benefits and drawbacks of both nuptial options can help you to make the ultimate decision.

Eloping: Place of Your Choice

Even though some couples choose to have destination weddings, you may not want to ask your relatives and friends travel a distance. Also, you may have your sights set on a location that is quite far away. When you elope, you don’t have to worry about what is easy for other people to travel to.

Eloping: Lower Cost

Throwing a large wedding might be a great deal of fun, but it is going to cost you a significant amount of money. Eloping can work well when you’re on a budget. Also, this option allows you to put your money toward other expenses, such as an elaborate honeymoon or a down payment on your first house.

Eloping: Truncated Time

If you have a large wedding, you get to spend virtually the entire day celebrating. Couples usually start getting ready shortly after they wake up, and the party continues into the night. When you elope, the celebration is as long as the ceremony in most cases.

Eloping: Religious Elements

If you choose to elope and having a religious ceremony is a priority, doing so isn’t always possible. In some faiths, you need to book the ceremony in advance, and you may also need to attend pre-marital counseling. When you want to have religious elements incorporated into your ceremony, eloping could pose some problems.

Large Wedding: Time with your Loved Ones

When you elope, you are with the most important person, your significant other. However, you may not know any of the other people there. Throwing a large wedding means that you get to celebrate with your relatives and friends.

Large Wedding: Embracing Traditions

If you have always dreamed of a wedding where you incorporate traditions from your religion and culture, then a large celebration is likely for you. You may also want to incorporate wedding traditions, such as a dance with one of your parents, which can be difficult with an elopement. Another traditional element of a large wedding that doesn’t always come with an elopement (or fitting into the budget of a small elopement) is wedding photography. Traditional large weddings typically come with hiring an experienced wedding photographer like this Bozeman, MT wedding photographer to capture the entire day with all of your family and friends. If it’s a priority for you to have these photos for years to come, choosing a large wedding may be beneficial.

Large Wedding: Large Cost

The average cost of a wedding can vary, depending upon the options you choose and where in the country you live. For example, weddings can cost tens of thousands of dollars in some parts of the country. You may simply not have the money to throw a large wedding.

Large Wedding: Whirlwind of Events

If you choose to elope, you are likely to embrace and enjoy each moment. Having a large wedding doesn’t necessarily delete this experience. However, you are likely to feel a bit dragged around and as though the day is flying at some points.

Only you and your partner can make the right decision for your wedding. Considering these elements can help you to choose what is best.