4 Reasons To Play The Mega Millions Lottery

If you have never though about playing the lottery then it is time that you reconsider, and go buy a ticket that could very well make you rich. Each week there are new millionaires throughout the USA thanks to the hundreds of thousands of people who play the US Mega Millions lottery online and through buying tickets in stores. There are many lotteries out there but none quite like the Mega Million lottery and if you need any more reasons to go out and buy a ticket, then here are 4 more that you shod be considering.

Big Jackpots

The jackpots on the Mega Millions lottery are always super high, and more than enough to completely change your life. Do you have high debts? Dreams of owning a sports car, owning a business, buying your dream home? If so then you can count on monster jackpots which, if you get lucky, could very well enable you to go after your financial dreams. This week’s jackpot alone is a whopping $88 million, just imagine what you would be able to do with all of that cash! In the past these jackpots have been boosted even higher, and we have seen figures in excess of $500 million, a truly monstrous amount of money.

Someone Has To

Many people don’t buy lottery tickets because they think that it simply cannot happen to them, but the truth is that the only way to guarantee that it won’t, is not buying a ticket. You may not feel very lucky but someone has to win the jackpot, even if nobody wins the first time, it will keep going until someone wins. There is no conspiracy here that you won’t win it, you have just as much chance as everyone else.

Multiple Wins

When people talk about winning the lottery, most people think about grabbing the jackpot, but it is not always this way. In fact with the Mega Millions lottery, there are many ways in which you can win some money. You can match one number to get your money back, 1 number plus the mega ball for $4, 2 numbers plus the mega ball could land you $10 and so too could matching 3 numbers. On the higher side, if you can match 4 numbers you stand to win $500, 4 plus the mega ball has a prize of $10,000 and matching 5 numbers will land you a cool $1 million. There are lots of prizes and you could get lucky if you buy a ticket.


Even if you don’t win a cent on the lottery, it is still a great deal of fun to play. From the moment that you buy the ticket, there is a sense that this piece of paper could change your life in a moment, the anticipation leading up to the draw is full of fantasies and apprehensions about the big draw. Then of course you can sit and watch the draw unfold, marking off any matched numbers on your ticket. Ultimately, even if you don’t get a single number, it is still an entertaining game to play.

Why not go and grab yourself a Mega Millions ticket today?