Does Your Business Speak Like a Winner?

Setting your business apart from competitors might seem like a pressing matter more times than not, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

With a little reassessment of your business at times, along with perhaps some necessary fine-tuning on occasion, your business can stand its ground and see its revenue stream increase along the way.

That said having a positive voice for your business is one of the important challenges you are apt to face at times.

So, how do you go about getting that voice?

Whether it means bringing professionals speakers to motivate your team (and you at times) or having them speak for you and your industry at times, don’t turn a deaf ear to all the possibilities out there.

With that being the case, does your business speak like a winner?


Hearing What Others Have to Say

So that your business can do its best to have the voice of a winner, remember these pointers:

  1. Listening – For starters, do you listen when people talk to you? Sounds like a simple question to answer, but you may be surprised how many business owners have trouble answering it. Whether it is an employee, a client, a competitor, the truth is that you always need to be a good listener in the business world. If you’re not, you run the risk of tuning yourself out to those who oftentimes matter most. One of the ways to avoid such a problem is by bringing motivational speakers on board at times to address your company, giving you and your team some fresh ideas on how to improve your business brand. When you turn to experience speakers like Ron Fournier and others like him, you bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, be it in the form of how politics relates to business or vice-versa. The key is listening to what such speakers have to say, and then applying some of those suggestions to your business practices;
  2. Speaking – As important as listening to what others say is, what do you have to say when you speak to clients, employees, other business leaders? Taking time to think before you speak is always advised, especially in the business world. When you speak, especially that is to your clients, make sure you are sending a message of confidence and understanding. For instance, you can’t be a true business leader if you’re not confident about the products and services you offer. You also can’t be a true business leader if you do not listen to the concerns of your clients. Yes, clients always think they are right (that is not the case most people know), but even when they are wrong, work with them to find a solution that works for both of you. Fighting to save a relationship with a client is always better than just tossing them aside and hoping you will replace that business;
  3. Acting – Finally, you can listen to the best and give your best talks possible, but what if you don’t truly take any action in moving your business forward? Unfortunately, that happens more times than not. While you should never rush forward with an idea or action without giving it some though, it is also important that you do not sit on ideas and/or actions over and over again. Do your diligent work reviewing them, but don’t always be afraid to pull the trigger on some ideas or actions that could move your business towards more success.

Successfully running a business does take its share of listening, speaking, acting, even a little luck to go along the way.

Be sure that you have a business brand that is not afraid to test the waters and see what works, along with what doesn’t work.

Whether you have been around the business world for many years or are just getting your feet wet as a startup, practice both solid listening and speaking skills. In the end, both will serve you well.

Not many ever moved forward without being a little bit ambitious.

As you reassess your business with a New Year around the corner, will you be happy with what you see?