Do You Need a European Health Insurance Card on a European Cruise?

Travelling to European countries is easy to plan and much more relaxing when you have suitable travel insurance plan and an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) card to cover your medical expenses. EHIC card is one of the necessary medical cover that you need to have while you are travelling in the European countries. The card covers medical expenses in 28 European countries and is of great help in cases of health related emergencies.


Cruising is an integral part of tourism in the European countries. Catering to every kind of passenger group, cruise sector is booming each day. A large part of Europe involves ports that are popular for their history, landmarks and beauty. Cruising sector gets a major boost when it comes to European tourism. With trips for a week or a fortnight and you can experience the comfort of a five star hotel in the cruise. Most of the passengers think that carrying an ehic card will cover any sort of medical expenses while they are travelling from one port to another in a cruise in the European countries. They consider travelling insurance plan to be expensive and try to avoid it in most cases.

The truth is ehic card will be not of any help when you are travelling via cruise in the European ports. The card covers all the expenses when you are staying in any European country and not in a cruise. If your holiday trip consists of staying in a resort and also in a cruise, ehic covers the part that you stay in a resort. Even if, you are travelling between ports in European countries, ehic is not applicable when you are in a boat. It is only applicable when your trip involves a land stay. If you do not stay in a European country and travel in a boat, then you have to get separate travel insurance for that.

Sometimes is has been seen that cruise trips involve excursion to a port, or in other words to a shore; still the ehic card won’t be able to cover that. This is because the holiday is on a cruise and the shore excursion will just be a part of it.

So do not fall into the trap of thinking that your holiday on a cruise will be covered by ehic. Any kind of heart problem, asthma or high blood sugar, whatever the case might be, your travel insurance plan will have to come to rescue. So when you are planning a trip to any European country, do not forget to get a proper travel insurance plan along with renewing your ehic.

So research and get the best travel insurance plan if you are planning a cruise holiday trip in any part of the Europe. The holiday organizing companies can help you a lot to pick up a plan suitable for European cruise holidays. If you have a medical condition that needs to be taken care of, get the plan while you are making arrangements for the trip.