What can you see on a cruise from Brisbane

Fraser Island is a great destination if you are taking a cruise from Brisbane ... photo by CC user Lc95 on wikimedia commons (public domain)

Looking to take a cruise from Brisbane in Australia, but don’t know which route to pick for you and your family? This article will outline some prime destinations that any will serve as a highlight to any journey you might end up taking…

Fraser Island

Known as the world’s largest island composed entirely of sand, Fraser Island is a place of amazing biodiversity in spite of its less than perfect soil base.

Made famous by a contest started by local tourism officials offering the ‘best job in the world’ (a year long blogger in residence position whose primary responsibility involved communicating to the world about all the awesome things one could see and do on Fraser Island), this semi-tropical paradise offers much that will make it hard to get back on the boat at departure time.

From a variety of pristine freshwater lakes that are ideal for swimming, to four wheel drive expeditions that will take you up and over the many dunes found here, and through its interior rainforests, you’ll have plenty of activities on offer that will keep you busy during your visit to Fraser Island.

Whitsunday Islands

With its sands taking on a hue of silica white that can’t be found elsewhere in the world, the Whitsunday Islands are a wonder of the world that those cruising from Brisbane can’t afford to miss.

Cool to the foot even at the peak of the tropical midday sun, the beaches here are a joy to visit, as the sight of the azure waters and the bright white sand here will burn itself into your memory banks for the rest of your days.

Being situated within the Great Barrier Reef, this archipelago is a great base to explore this world famous marine environment for those taking family cruises from Brisbane, so take advantage and try and find Nemo if you can; even if you fail in this mission, checking out his friends and all the coral formations that they call home will make it well worth the day trip.

Port Douglas

Sitting near the top of Queensland, the small town of Port Douglas is a place of serenity where creatives and corporate escape artists can be found in abundance.

Here, those seeking to experience a lush rainforest environment will be in luck, as the Daintree offers wildlife sanctuaries, adventure activities such as zip lines and whitewater rafting, and plantations where crops such as tea, cocoa and bananas are grown.

If you’d rather chill out in town, Four Mile Beach offers plenty of spots to work on your tan, as well as giving plenty of room for those that seek to bike leisurely along its length.