How to Choose the Best Audiovisual Equipment Rental Company

Audiovisual equipment is crucial so that events, whatever their nature, are a success and deliver the experience and benefits that new technologies have led us to expect.

In both festive and intimate events, such as weddings, birthdays on important dates, corporate or professional scenarios, fairs, seminars, congresses, etc., audiovisual equipment is now more essential than ever.

Projectors offer endless possibilities in important events, as well as special effects, light shows, smoke machines, giant screens, mixers, computers, microphones, speakers … and the list is almost endless. And hiring audio visual equipment has all the advantages of saving time and costs that are involved in buying and maintaining such equipment.

In addition, in business events, it is essential that the information provided is of the highest quality for all present, hence the importance of having a good range of strategically placed microphones, good acoustics, good quality LED screens, etc.

Although these are just some examples, there are many situations and needs that can occur when it comes to organising a successful event, so it is important to choose an experienced AV company or AV companies to rent audiovisual equipment from for your event.

In order for the audiovisual company to be ideal, the following factors should be met:

Experience in the sector

After all, experience is what gives a company the best knowledge to offer a higher quality service to its customers, since mistakes are learned and over the years this is key to building experience and know-how.

Variety and quality

Another important aspect is the variety and quality of the equipment that the company has. Look for the best brands, as well as all the necessary equipment for your event. Equipment should always be in perfect condition and incorporate the latest technology in the market, whether it’s image equipment, such as LED screens, projectors, video cameras, video conferencing equipment, interactive voting, signal processing; or sound equipment, such as microphones, audio conference, mixer, lighting, spotlights, effects, smoke machines, computers, monitors, totems, printers, photocopiers and real estate such as tables, stages, supports, information panels, or other items.

Expert team

The audiovisual equipment is not everything, another very important aspect is the team of professionals that are often behind such equipment. If you are staging a good size event, you won’t want to be dealing directly with the audio-visual equipment yourself, so you’ll want to rely on operators with in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of all the equipment, to be able to install and manage the equipment if necessary.

Discuss your plans for the event and the vibe you want to create with several audio-visual companies and get their input as to how this could be best achieved. You’ll be amazed at just what they can actually produce to make even your wildest visions become a reality for your event.