Why Your Business Needs a Financial Planner


Photo by CC user Khrawlings on Flickr.

When you start a business there are going to be many areas of the company that you will need to outsource, this could be anything from logistics to production. It can be tempting to outsource a large chunk of your business, working on the notion that the less hands-on work your business is doing, the easier it will be to run it. Whilst this school of thought is true to a point, over-outsourcing your business can lead to high costs and a lack of control so it is important to make smart decisions around what areas you will hand off to others.

One such service that should always be considered is financial planning, hiring a professional financial advisor like Keith W Springer is a smart move for the success and the security of your company. The bottom line is always the key to a successful business and if you want to succeed then you need someone that is keeping an eye on it. Here is why you and your business needs a financial advisor.


There are vast amounts of legislation and rules around the financial side of your business and a financial planner offers sound literacy in these areas. For you to be bogged down in this side of things will only take you away from the day-to-day running of your company and this could ultimately have damaging consequences for your ability to succeed as a business. Hiring a financial advisor will keep you safe in the knowledge that you and your company are doing everything possible to adhere to financial regulations.

Buying Time

As anyone who runs a business will know, time is valuable, extremely valuable and whilst you should be fully aware of the financial dealings of your company, this should not occupy your days. If you hire professional to deal with the financial side of your business then you can learn all that you need to know about the ins and outs of your finances with a brief daily or weekly meeting. A professional will cut out the detail and just give you the headlines on how your business is faring.

Smart Decision Making

When you make decisions for your business, you cannot help but be emotional involved, this can blur the decision making process. Should you have a financial advisor on your team then you can take advice from them which will come from a mind that has no emotional loyalty and simply views things from a pragmatic and financial standpoint. There is nothing wrong with making emotional decisions for the future of your business but being able to count on some advice from someone looking in from the outside can be extremely valuable.

Over 50% of new businesses fail within the first 3 years of their life, the large majority of these fail because of financial mismanagement. Hiring a financial advisor will provide you with many benefits and avoiding catastrophe and the closure of your business is by far the most important.