The Best of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a wonderful tourist destination, which combines ski mountain resorts, Black Sea resorts, many historic places and sights with a decent culture and folklore. There are some incredibly beautiful and interesting places in this country that are visited by tourists from near and far. Let’s take a look at them:

Why You Should Visit Varna?

The city of Varna, known also as a Sea capital of Bulgaria, is a top beach resort destination. This city promises not only great relaxation on its long sandy beaches, but numerous sights to be explored in its vicinity. Walk through the Sea Garden, which is located just along the beaches and visit the Zoo, Dolphinarium and Aquarium, located there.

Have You Ever Seen A Stone Forest?

About 10 km west from Varna, the miraculous Stone Forest is located. These natural rock formations, some of which are up to 7 meters high and up to 3 meters thick – a real natural phenomenon that deserve to be visited.They are unique to the area.

Most Beautiful Beachside Resorts

Just 18 km north of Varna is one of the most attractive and popular Bulgarian summer resorts , called Golden Sands. Just as the name suggests, you are going to find beautiful golden beaches and luxury accommodation. Golden Sands is host to an amazing azure sea and dazzling white sand.

Albena is another favorite resort to visit, located 30 km north from Varna. This place is intentionally built on the Black Sea coast to be a resort for all who would like to enjoy long summer days on the picturesque beaches.

Sozopol is a small town located among the most beautiful Bulgarian coastline. This peninsula offers a perfect rest in a more secluded region and great local dishes of fish with a local wine. The city is built in Greek style, with stone streets and traditional wooden houses. A natural harbour is the focal point for the village, pivotal to the role of fishermen in the historic area.

Bulgaria– A Paradise For Ski Enthusiasts

Mountains are another great place to visit in Bulgaria. The perfect season to visit Pamporovo mountain resort, located in the Rhodopi Mountains in southern part of Bulgaria, is winter as the resort is perfect for skiing. Facilities and equipment are available for rent or hire. Try the slopes for beginners or take a few lessons if it is your first time skiing. The experienced skiers will also find great slopes among the fascinating nature and pine trees. The panoramas on the mountain tops are breathtaking.

Bansko is another great winter resort for skiing with good slopes. There are instructors available for kids and beginners, so that they can improve the skills of people of all ages. At the end of your day, you can enjoy delicious Bulgarian dishes and a sauna.


Visit Sofia, Bulgarian Capital

Along with the numerous museums, theaters, art galleries that could be visited in Bulgarian capital, there is a great winter resort called Borovets nearby, where tourists can enjoy skiing in the beautiful pine forests of Rila Mountain. The region promises fantastic experience at much cheaper prices than Alps.
Rila Monastery is one of the symbols of Bulgaria that is a world heritage site too, so foreigners usually do not miss visiting this sacred place. The square complex looks like a great fortress in the forests of Rila Mountain. The architecture is really impressive – wooden stairs, great colonnades and arches, as well as a great number of monastic cells. A bell-tower and a small church are located in the center of the yard. On site is an ancient Library with more than 250 manuscripts, some of which date back to XI century.
Rila Mountain offers much more than just visiting Rila Monastery and winter resorts. It’s a fantastic place to visit during the summer too, to enjoy incredible views of green valleys, high mountain tops and crustal clear azure lakes. Summer activities are plentiful, and Rila Mountain is a hikers paradise in summer. Explore the lakes, rivers and mountains by hiking, cycling, kayaking, or even take a horseback ride through the hills.
The treasures of Bulgaria are limitless for explorers from all over the world, who will never feel disappointed when choose this amazing country.

Photo courtesy of Flickr