The Best and Most Effective Home Remedies for Dandruff

There can be nothing more embarrassing than having flakes of dandruff on your shoulders, especially if you are unlucky enough to be wearing a black or dark-coloured top. The problem is a common one, though, and you are definitely not alone. If you would like to get rid of dandruff once and for all, you need not spend on expensive (and often ineffective) remedies – here are the best and most effective home remedies for dandruff you should know about.

The symptoms

The most common and easily noticeable symptom of the condition is tiny, white-coloured flakes on a person’s neck and hair, which often fall down on the person’s shoulders and back as well. Those with more serious cases of dandruff may also experience scalp redness, and itchiness of the scalp is also a common symptom.

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What causes it?

A condition called seborrhic dermatitis or seborrhea is the usual cause of dandruff. Another cause would be frequent blow drying of the hair, whilst yet another cause could be poor hygiene (not washing the hair and scalp often enough). There is also a possibility that dandruff can be caused by the yeast Malassezia, which is naturally found on the skin. Other conditions, such as vitamin deficiency and dry, cold weather, can exacerbate the problem as well.

The most effective natural remedies

If you would like to go the natural route and learn how to get rid of dandruff using home remedies, you can start with egg yolks. Egg yolks have been a proven treatment for dandruff for years, as the yolk contains a lot of sulfur. Beat a couple of egg yolks and apply the mixture to your scalp. For better results, mix the yolks with yoghurt or coconut oil.

Baking soda is yet another ingredient which can cure dandruff. Simply add a baking soda and water mixture to your shampoo, then massage it onto your scalp so it can absorb excess oil or sebum. Omega 3 fatty acids can also be beneficial for the treatment of dandruff, as dandruff may also indicate a deficiency in this vitamin. In order for your body to get more Omega 3 acids, include more fish and seeds such as chia and flaxseed to your diet.

Other remedies, such as apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, tea tree oil, and lemons are effective as well. Apple cider vinegar contains a lot of acetic acid, enzymes, and malic acid, which can effectively kill off fungus and bacteria. You can simply dilute some apple cider vinegar with water and apply it to your scalp. You can also make use of coconut oil (apply warm coconut oil straight to your scalp) or tea tree oil (mix a drop or two into your shampoo and apply to your scalp).

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