Brands Building Brands: 4 Tips for Making Connections with Your Clientele

These days, businesses spend so much time figuring out how to impress customers that they often forget to consider the other side of the equation. While marketing to your demographic is clearly a top priority, keeping suppliers, investors, and sponsors happy is just as important.


Without the right amount of nurturing, professional relationships grow stale, so invest some time and love into your corporate connections. It can be as simple as staying in contact with a monthly email to department heads. Giving small gifts during the holidays is a great way to earn brownie points too because it shows appreciation.

Keep reading for some advice on the best ways to strengthen corporate relationships and show your clients that you care.

Exploit Branded Products

When giving corporate gifts, the focus should be on trying to provide value.

You cannot always get away with presenting branded pens and mugs as special offerings because you are talking to people who know the score. They probably have their own promotional items to distribute.

However, striking the right balance between small and significant is an excellent way to make an impact. Save bigger gifts for the holidays and make practical, branded items easily accessible when clients visit. For example, people love free stationery and rarely refuse it.

Check Company Policy

Before you send any kind of gift, check that it will not conflict with the company policy.

Many businesses just don’t allow department heads and managers to accept items, even if they are not connected to a deal or sale. It is primarily to avoid misunderstandings and any kind of association between gift giving and the allocation of work or deals.

It is always best to make sure because you can end up unwittingly wasting lots of money on gifts that which used in the way you expect. For instance, some companies prefer to give gifted items to charity rather than refuse them and potentially upset the relationship.

Spread the Appreciation

In many cases, you can avoid conflicts like this by ensuring that your gift is inclusive.

So, a big fruit basket, a hamper of chocolates, or a case of wine does not target one individual. Instead, it says ‘I appreciate the chance to work with your company.’

Opting for a broader token, as opposed to a targeted gift, is more professional and less likely to upset company policies. Once again, take the time to do your research. Sending a box of fine wine to a business which sells school supplies sends the wrong message.

Personalise Special Gifts

When you have been working with the same manager or director for many years, you have a little more freedom when it comes to gift giving. Adding a name or personalised message is one way to celebrate a strong, long-term relationship.

Items like whisky glasses, picture frames, executive desk toys, and personalised binders maintain a level of sophistication, but they add a unique touch. Ultimately, the most successful gifts are the unusual ones; the things which people do not already have in their offices.

Why Corporate Gift Giving Is the Key to Business Success

The most successful businesses are the ones who look after every element of the operation. They care about what the customers want, but they also understand that nothing gets done without the support of reliable corporate connections and partnerships.

The reality is that we are all human and we all like to feel appreciated.

Let your vendors, sponsors, and other associates know that they are an integral cog in your machine. Be warm, personable, and generous, and you are likely to receive the same treatment in return. Giving back does work, so make it a part of your routine.

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