How to Become a Lawyer in the U.S.

Working in the practice of law is a fine profession which allows you to achieve a position of power, command a very good salary and use your intelligence to uphold the institution of law. Television has made the role of a lawyer pretty glamorous and whilst using powerful arguments to uphold justice in the courtroom is a key part, there is far more to being a lawyer than the films and TV shows make out.

This profession is only for the smartest and most ambitious students and if you want to become a top lawyer like Chicago law supremo Jonathan Bunge, then you are going to need to make the right choices and work extremely hard to achieve success. Here is the which you should be looking at in order to become a lawyer.

Be The Best From The Beginning

The road to becoming a lawyer is paved with fierce competition and if you want to become the best lawyer that you can be then you need to have a mentality of success from early on. Each educational step is dictated by the one that has come before it and you should be working on achieving the highest grades possible from high school level. Strong GDP scores will help you to get into the best schools and colleges afterwards and this attitude to succeeding will serve you well as you study.

Hone Your Skills

Educational will help you to learn about the nuts and bolts of the law but if you want to be an outstanding lawyer once you have graduated then you are going to need to invest your own time in honing the skills which every lawyer possesses. The most important of these is persuasive argument, to improve your ability to argue you should be getting involved in debate societies and watching others who structure argument well. Another key skill that you should be working on is how to process large amounts of data and pick out key points. As your education progresses you will have less time to spend on these skills away from your studies so the earlier that you can work on these traits, the better.

Law School

Once you have worked your way through high school and gained your undergraduate degree, it is time for law school. This will be the hardest part of your education and you will need to pass the LSAT exam just to be accepted into a school. During your time at law school you will not only be required to study incredibly hard and pick an area of specialization but also to gain professional experience whilst doing so. Once you have completed your education you will finally have to pass the bar exam before you can gain your license to practice law, this will be the last piece of your education and if you want to go on to get the best job possible then you are going to have to put in a lot of hard work and study time in preparation for your exam so that you can achieve great marks.