Making a Claim for Beauty Salon Injuries

Beauty Salon Injuries can be traumatizing

While most clients look forward to visiting a beauty salon and undergoing a range of treatments to make them look and feel better, the rise in beauty treatments such as hair extensions, laser hair removal and other popular treatments has also been accompanied by a rise in the number of claims for compensation as a result of beauty salon injuries or damages caused by such treatments being applied either incorrectly or due to negligence on behalf of practitioners.

According to compensation experts, common causes of injuries suffered in beauty salons include:

Inadequate training

Practitioners often make use of chemicals, instruments and hot wax as part of the treatments they provide. Many such treatments require close contact with the client and inadequate training in the handling of such substances and instruments can lead to personal injury and damage to hair and skin.

Lack of skin (patch) testing

When applying chemicals, as in the case of hair dye treatments, it is essential that a patch of skin is tested prior to the treatment in order to ensure that the client will not suffer from an adverse reaction. The mixing of several substances or compounds together in order to colour or dye hair should also be avoided as this can often lead to chemical reactions which might produce an adverse reaction for the client.

Skin testing or patch testing should be carried out on a patch of skin behind the ear of the client, and should be done approximately 24 – 48 hours prior to the full treatment being applied.

Chemical contamination

This can result when chemicals which have passed their expiry date are used. Also, chemicals which have been left unsealed for an extended period of time, or when incorrectly used with other substances, can lead to contamination. Often this results in skin irritation or even chemical burns.

Incorrect treatment procedures

Most beauty treatments are designed to follow strict guidelines as to how they are applied. This normally includes the preparation of any substances or chemicals which are used, length of time they are applied to the hair or skin, the correct temperature (especially in the case of waxing) and the correct procedure for sterilization of instruments used as part of the procedure. Failure to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines commonly leads to the client suffering an injury such as skin irritation or even burns.

Slips and falls

Probably the most common cause for injury and complaint is a simple slip or fall caused by a wet or slippery floor within a salon. Clearly the use of copious amounts of water and chemicals in conjunction with tiled flooring can lead to serious injury if safety precautions are not observed at all times.

If you believe that all that was necessary to keep you safe was not carried out by the salon or practitioner in question, you may be able to make a successful claim for compensation. Beauty claims are more common than you may think and expert advice should be sought in order to ensure that you receive an appropriate amount of compensation based on your injuries and the circumstances in which they were caused.