Top Trending Online Games Right Now

Online gaming is huge right now thanks to the continuously improving technology that we have at our fingertips, gone are the days of only gaming on a console and buying discs or cartridges when you could afford them to indulge your gaming pleasures. These days you simply need to pick up your smartphone or laptop and you have a world of games just waiting for you. I want to run through my favorite online games right now, games which are super addictive and beautifully simplistic that I hope you will enjoy as much as me. I use a website called Poki to play my online games, they are completely free and have hundreds of titles for you to choose from.

Cut the Rope 2

I can’t speak enough about how good this game is, I loved the first installment and the second is even better. The premise of the game is to feed your character Om-Nom with candies, the candy is connected to a series of ropes which you must cut in sequence to allow the candy to fall into Om Nom’s hungry mouth. The game features other obstacles such as chains and wooden planks and you must navigate the candy past them to feed your little monster, a simple and brilliant game.

Tomb Runner

In this frenetic game your control a running man through a series of courses where you need to turn, duck, slide and jump past a variety of obstacles collecting coins along the way. A wrong move will end up with you losing a life and the further through the game that you get, the faster your man will run which adds great pressure to your decision making. This is one of those games where you just have to beat your old high score, expect to find yourself stealing moments whenever you can to have another go on the game.

Limax is a brilliant online game and one of those beautifully simple yet incredibly playable online titles. In this game you control a small worm whose job it is to swim through the game eating up colored blobs, the more you eat, the larger you grow. Once you have sufficiently grown it is your mission to kill other opponents by leaving behind a trail of traps, each time you leave traps behind you will reduce a little in size. The aim of the game is to earn more points than the other players and stay alive the longest, very addictive and a great deal of fun.

Color Switch

Color Switch was the reason that I found this website, a friend of mine was playing it and let me have a go, once I played it I just had to find out where I could find it online. The game involves you bouncing a small colored dot upwards through a series of moving shapes and objects, you can only pass through the part of each shape that is the same color as your dot, passing through a shape gains you one point and the aim is to get the most points that you can. The game is very easy to play but very difficult to master and my friend and I regularly compete to see who can get the highest score, this game has frustrated me more than any other as I try to reach better scores and I absolutely love it.