The basics of buying baby cribs

Getting a new baby crib can be truly challenging in this day and age, and that’s because the market is overflowing with products of all shapes and sizes and that might or might not offer what you are looking for. Before you set out on this adventure, we urge you to consider the needs of the baby and do a bit of research.

To save you some time that you’d have to spend reading all sorts of guides out there, we have created a list of some of the crucial factors that you need to bear in mind.

Safety is first

It goes without saying that the crib needs to be as safe as possible. It both has to keep the baby safe and allow you to feel reassured that nothing will go wrong with the young one while you are sleeping or while you’re just doing chores around the house.

Always select products that are made from dependable materials and that have a trustworthy design. There should be no components rattling, and regardless of how you might use it, the crib should never tip over and endanger the child. And remember, an affordable baby crib might be less safe than a pricier one.

Consider your space

The amount of space there is available in the nursery should also be given some thought to. Of course, this detail is not the only one you have to consider or even the most important one, but you might have to think whether you’d much rather go for a space-saver than a full-size alternative.

Some cribs can collapse or fold, and there are even models that come with casters, which means that you’ll be able to take them from one room to the other. Keep in mind that such portable models may sometimes be less stable than full-size ones.

Adjustable mattress height

The reason that many cribs will allow you to change the height of the mattress is that you need to do just that when the child begins to sit up. In this event, the mattress has to be lowered so as to ensure that the baby does not endanger his or her safety. They can get quite active and might try to climb over the edge of the crib.


Both the actual product and the mattress that you will purchase have to be completely safe. Aside from their design, you need to read as much info as your time allows you to on the fabrics and materials that have been used in their construction. Make sure that there are no toxic substances used in the mattress, lacquer, or anything else from the crib.

As with anything else you might want to purchase for a baby, we urge you to take some hours and go through as many consumer reports as possible. Many parents express their concerns or dislike about any products they have bought for their children. Those reviews you can trust while the claims of the manufacturing brands have to be taken with a grain of salt.